Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year New Me!

I am counting my blessing this year because it has been such a big one for me! I got engaged to my best friend and we're getting married in June 2013. I just looked back on my goals from last year and feel pretty good about myself.

One of my personal goals were to continue to work out to tone my arms and build abs. I have toned my arms but my abs are still in need of lots of work.
Resolution #1 Continue working out at least 5/6 days a week and focus on abs.

This also brings me to my next resolution which I did a pretty good job of this year-eating less junk food! This past year I totally cute out all chips and ice cream. It has been super hard but I going to keep it up.
Resolution #2 Eat super healthy and try to forget how good desserts taste.

I kinda laughed when I read back on my third resolution last year which was to make more money. I didn't really think that would happen but I started tutoring this summer and those jobs continued this school year. I now tutor after school 4 days a week and I'm actually making more money. I have been saving  all  of it for our honeymoon! Don't know where we are going yet just know we'll need some extra cash!
Resolution #3 Keep on saving money and plan a honeymoon with my fiancé.

Last year my professional goal was to stay organized which I have done a great job of ever since I de cluttered my classroom last year. I know when I go back in the new year I'll want to rearrange and reorganize some things but I think I've done a wonderful job maintaining this goal. My other professional goal I reached was implementing guided math into my every day math curriculum. I have kept up with this goal and feel like my students have benefited greatly from guided math.  So my new goal will have nothing to do either one of these...
Resolution #4 Focus on learning more about implementing the Common Core Standards and making fun, exciting lessons for my kids.

My last professional goal was to do a better job with enrichment time in my classroom. I still have not found my niche with enrichment but it has gotten a little better. I really want to focus on my struggling readers more during this time but my time with them is so limited.
Resolution #5 Help my struggling readers more during guided reading and RTI time.

This new year brings a lot of changes to my classroom. My student who I was struggling with so much because of his behavior and other issues has now left our class. It was a very bittersweet ending as I put so much effort and love towards helping this child but for the rest of the class it will be so much better. I will now be able to focus more time on my other students and maintain a calm, nurturing environment in my room. I also have high hopes that since this child got adopted by his grandparents he is in a loving, caring environment.

2012 you were a great year full of many exciting, wonderful, new, and challenging opportunities! 2013 I look forward to our wedding, honeymoon, first year of marriage, changing my name, finishing up with a great class and teaching new ones!

I hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gingerbread stories and decorating for Christmas

Good evening!

I hope that everyone has had a restful and wonderful weekend. I wanted to share with you some of the awesome activities we did this week involving the gingerbread stories. This week we were focusing on the CCSS of parts of a story: characters, setting, major events (problem and solution).

We created a parts of a story anchor chart using The Gingerbread Man, compared and contrast The Gingerbread Girl and Boy books, wrote our own gingerbread stories, and voted on our favorite gingerbread story. 

I wish I thought to take a picture of the anchor chart and my student writing in their reading response journals. They really rocked it this week with the gingerbread stories. We used the writing prompt if I were a gingerbread... and they filled in man, girl, boy, or baby. The stories came out super cute!

Our classes favorite gingerbread story was a tie between The Gingerbread Girl and The Gingerbread Baby. My students of course loved these stories because the gingerbread cookies get away! One little boy mentioned that in all the man or boy stories we read the gingerbread cookies were eaten but the girl and the baby were smarter. I'm glad he catches on that girls think a little more ;) just kidding guys-chill.

Sadly this week we said goodbye to our principal. As a school family we made this past week very special for her and on Friday we had her retirement party. This was one of the gifts that my co-worker made. It has all of the staff's fingerprints with their names written inside. It was bittersweet to see her we are just hoping that the new principal that comes in January can halfway fill her shoes.

This weekend I decorated for Christmas at my house. It was so fun picking out the tree (in the middle of the SEC championship game-come on that was an awesome game football fans!) and decorating after the game was over. As we were decorating I picked out this wonderful ornament my class made me last year with all their thumbprints and initials and it said love your little pirates because I had a pirate theme last year. I thought back on what a great class they all were and what an awesome year we had together. Then later on I broke the ornament into a million little pieces. I was so upset I cried. They were my first class to make me a gift all together like that and they were my kids. I can't explain it well but I'm sure you'll understand. My fiancé picked up the pieces while I wiped away my tears. He put it all off to the side so he could make a new ornament for me and put the pieces inside. He is so thoughtful! We had a delightful time decorating and getting in the Christmas spirit this weekend.

Hope you have a productive week in school and remember: