Sunday, November 2, 2014

Currently {November}

Listening: To my wonderful hubby clean the kitchen. He made me breakfast this morning and then decided to clean up too. All while I’m cozied up on the couch blogging.

Loving; I’m loving this beautiful fall weather. Halloween night was wonderful. We didn’t sweat and the doors were opened in our house. Today is a bit cold 45 degrees and feels more like winter but tomorrow is going to be perfect just like Friday and Saturday. I love wearing pants and not sweating!

Thinking: I’m thinking of all the parent/teacher report card conferences I have this week. I have three tomorrow that I need to prepare for today. I have 15 conferences this week. 3 parents have yet to sign up after e-mails, notes, face-to-face talking, and phone calls. I don’t get it. Of course these are the parents I really need to conference with.

Wanting; I want to go to the mall today. We’ll see because this could be dangerous. I really want some new boots, booties, fall attire, and a new duvet cover.

Needing: I need to put all my grades on the computer. This is usually something I do Friday afternoon but since it was Halloween I came home right after work. I left in such a hurry I forgot to grab my graded work. We had a party at our house starting at 5 so I had that on my mind.

Reading: Adultery by Paulo Coelho
This is really not my typical kind of book to read. But I just joined a book club and this was the book they were reading. The book club meets on the first Wednesday of each month so we have our meeting this week. I think the book is depressing to read and wouldn’t recommend it to my friends. The book clubs previous books were all books I had read and enjoyed. That’s why I really wanted to be a part of this club. Have you ever had to read a book you didn’t enjoy for a book club?