Sunday, February 1, 2015

Currently: February

Listening: to Key and Peele on Comedy Central. They have a funny Super bowl special and my hubs put in on while he is putting away papers on his desk.

Loving: The beautiful weather outside! I know people are going to hate me for this but the weather has been perfect this weekend. It has been sunny and in the 60’s. It’s great for bike riding or anything outdoors. Sunshine makes me happy!

Thinking: about interventions at school and our Tier 2 and 3 students. For those of who don’t use the same lingo, interventions is a time where our kids are split up by their reading ability and getting differentiated instruction on what they need. Tier 2 and Tier 3 students are those who are not still developing their reading skills and are not on grade level. Tier 2 students are ones who need a little extra support and are just a little behind. Tier 3 students are ones that need a lot of extra support and are a whole grade level behind. We just switched up our groups for interventions and the majority of our kids are doing really well. They are in on grade level groups or above grade level groups. But the gap has gotten even bigger for the ones who are struggling in reading. My team just wants to do what’s best for them and keep giving them the instruction they need to fill in gaps. It just weighs on my mind. I want to help these kids succeed. 

Wanting: A long weekend to enjoy with my family and friends. The weekends are great but we have so many errands to do and I would like some time to just slow down and enjoy the whole weekend. Long weekends are just amazing because you have an extra day! I just want this time to distress and relax. Luckily we have a President’s Day weekend right around the corner!

Needing: To order party invitations but I’m super indecisive at the moment. I find one I like and then I see another that is just as pretty. Then I get distracted by the wording and change it up. I finally think I’m going to buy it and just can’t click the buy button. I just keep looking at invites over and over. I know I need to make a decision soon thought to send out these invites.

Pageant title: Umm this was super hard for me to decide on! I thought maybe Queen of Clean because I love things to be neat and clean. Then I thought that was boring and I don’t care sometimes about leaving a mess. So that was out. I asked my husband and he said I was the Queen of Everything. I told him that wasn’t helpful. So I came up with Queen of my Class. I really do feel like the Queen of my classroom. My kids are respectful and always I know they look up to me as a role model. They really make me feel like a Queen with all their sweet hugs, notes, and drawings