Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday {The Dot}

The book I'm talking about this Tuesday is a beautifully illustrated picture book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. It is about a girl named Vashti who thinks she can't draw and how she finds with encouragement from her teacher that anyone can. It's an important message of never giving up and spreading joy to others. She passes along her advice when a boy at the end of the story says he can't draw. I love how the story comes full circle and how she learns from the teacher. 

Click on the book to find the author's website with activities. 

A dot is just a dot until you sign it. Make your mark and see where is takes you!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Birthday Bag {Monday Made It}

For today's Monday Made It I made birthday bags for my new class. I got most of the supplies for the bags at the Target dollar spot. They have so many new things for back to school! I also made Happy Birthday tags using Schoolgirl Style Fabulous Frog theme she has editable tags so you can make them anything you want. The Happy Birthday balloon is attached to a crazy straw. I got the crazy straws from Amazon. I love using Amazon it is usually cheaper and faster than actually going to the store. Just a little idea to celebrate birthdays in your classroom.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Five for Friday



I went back to school for the first time this week! I went to a meet and greet to meet my new principal. I cannot say enough nice things about my new principal. He is exactly what our school needs and what I was looking for in a leader. He has a great FISH philosophy that he plans to implement in our school. He is super positive, organized, and friendly. I'm very excited for the upcoming school year. 


When I went to school, I also went to into my classroom. I found it just the way I left it which was great! I just went to drop off things because they haven't cleaned the floors yet. 


I bought this adorable navy chevron cushion for my room. I found it at Target in the kids furniture area but it is labeled online as outdoor furniture. The best part about it is the durable and fire retardant fabric.


I started an online course called Marzano Instructional Model this week. It is based off the book Becoming a Reflective Teacher by Marzano. It is a completely boring class with a lot of videos, modules, and assignments. The silver lining is I get paid from the county and get professional development points. 


I just got back from an awesome vacation to Washington D.C.! We went for a surprise birthday and 4th of July celebration. Our friend was completely surprised and we all had the best time. This is a picture from our firework! It was the best 4th of July ever! 

 I have one month until school starts! Summer is flying by so I'm
going to enjoy every last bit of it! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Currently in July

I'm listening to New Girl while doing laundry. I think this is such a funny show and just started watching it on Netflix. I mean the theme song has name and she is a teacher...it is clearly an awesome show.

I am absolutely loving my husband! He made me the best gift basket for my birthday yesterday! It included flowers, Alex and Ani bracelets, a bathing suit, water bottle with a sparkly J, Amazon gift card, chocolate, Sour Patch Kids, gold file folders, and a date coupon for our favorite sushi place. My man knows me so well to put together this thoughtful present. He's a keeper. I love him so much! 

I'm thinking about packing for my for my upcoming trip to Washington D.C. for five days. I like to lay out everything before I pack so I don't overpack which I tend to do anyway.

I'm wanting to get my nails done and for my laundry to fold itself. Why can't laundry fold itself? I really want to get some cute 4th of July nails like this picture.

I'm needing for my sea lice stings to some itching. Sea lice for those of you who don't know are jellyfish larvae that you cannot see in the ocean that sting you. Later on you find little stings all over that really itch and kinda burn even with Benadryl. Some people never get it when swimming and others are affected by it for a few days. It happens when the water is warm usually April-August in Florida. Most of the times beaches will post a sign but since we were out of the boat we were unaware. It is uncomfortable but a small price for an awesome weekend. It was  a beautiful weekend on the boat with friends!

My 4th of July plans are in our nation's capital Washington D.C.! I'm going on a trip there with a group of friends. We are going to a baseball game the day of the 4th and watching fireworks later that night. On the trip we are also going on a sunset cruise, seeing the monuments, going to the White House, and enjoying museums. I can't wait! Now all I need to do is get this laundry done and pack!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Fabulous New Theme {Classroom 2014-2015}

It is my third week of summer! I'm enjoying this time off but per usually crazy teacherness I'm already thinking about the upcoming school year. EEK! I know I just finished up and some of you are still in school. I just can't help wanting to plan for next year. I've even done science lesson plans.

I have been thinking of changing up my decor in my room all summer long. The past two years I've had the same theme of green and blue with birds. I love the colors they are calming yet still bright enough for me. I want to stick with the same essential colors and possible add colors in. I was really thinking I wanted to do an ocean theme but I have done it once and it is super popular among teachers in Florida.

With all that in mind I have decided to do a frog theme! It's Schoolgirl Style collection called fabulous frogs so of course it is totally awesome, cute, and all together amazing! I love the navy, yellow, and  turquoise as new colors to my scheme. All the blues and greens make it an easy transition from my last theme.

These are just a few things I've been printing, laminating, and cutting out already. I enjoy getting ready my room and decorating. I'm in the early stages of decorating but I'm excited for my new theme. I got a little frog and tablecloth to go with it all from the Target dollar spot.

Are you changing up your room this year? Theme, color, or just improving?

One of my favorite blogging times is the summer and beginning of the school year when I get to see everyone's classroom pictures. I'll be sharing pictures as I go back into my room and start changing things up.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Made It

Hey there! It is my first Monday Made It in a long time! Today I made a care package for a close friend. It is a fun summer box full of great goodies! 

It is actually called a box of sunshine.I got the idea from Pinterest of course! This is a sample box and you can get the print out from Happy Money Saver.

I have a friend who lives far away and I know she is going through a hard time in her life so I wanted to send her a little love.

In the box I included: 
-fun water bottle to keep cool
-Lemonheads & M & M's to enjoy candy
-orange nail polish to keep nice toes
-Burt's Bees lip balm & face scrub to relax
-mascara to look beautiful
-yellow notepad with suns to make lists

I got all the items I needed at Target and put it together with lots of yellow tissue paper.

Make some sunshine for a friend who could need a pick me up! Brighten someones day!

Well I'm off to the gym and Target since they are right next to each other! Enjoy this wonderful Monday and go check out other blogs in this link up.