Sunday, November 1, 2015

Character Parade & Pumpkin Party

Friday we had our character parade at school. The kids dress up as their favorite book character and parade around the bus loop. It is really just a chance for them to show off their Halloween costume. The kids love it and have so much fun parading around every year. The whole school participates in our character parade.

The teachers dress up too. The Kindergarten teachers were Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees, 1st grade were Fly Guy’s, and 2nd and 3rd crayons from The Days the Crayons Quit. 4th and 5th grade teacher dress up individually not as a team.

After the character parade, we had our pumpkin party. I had set up four stations for our pumpkin party and had volunteers running them so I could snap pictures and visit each center.
The first station the kids had to weigh, measure count the ribs, and find the circumference of the pumpkin. They kids also predicted whether the pumpkin would sink or float.

The second station the kids had to describe a pumpkin using adjectives and design their own pumpkin and write about it. They were very creative at this center with designing their pumpkins. They picked favorite characters and made up their own for pumpkins. I love how each one was different.
The third station the kids had to estimate how many seeds would fit in their cut out pumpkin. After estimating they grabbed seeds out of the pumpkin, cleaned them off with a paper towels, and glued them inside their cut out pumpkin. The kids loved touching the gooey insides of the pumpkin and seeing if their estimations were close.

The fourth station the kids made worms in dirt. Each kid got three Oreos and gummy worms in a plastic bag and a snack pack pudding. The kids got to crush up the Oreos in the bag and then pour the “dirt” and “worms” into the pudding. This was such a hit with the kids! They loved being able to be messy with their food and create something. If they finished eating early they got to use sharpies and stickers to decorate a foam pumpkin.

The pumpkin party was the smoothest it has ever been. It was stress free and the kids had so much fun! They were appreciative and polite to our volunteers. They thanked them and me several times for having our pumpkin party. This is wonderful since I feel like many children feel they are entitled to these fun days and parties. I was also very thankful I had volunteers bring in all the items and help out in our room. I know that our other holiday parties will be success this year!

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! This is my husband and I dressed up last night as the baker and bun in the oven.  

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