Tuesday, November 27, 2012

RTI Behavior Charts

If anyone has had a year like mine where they are wanting to pull their hair out and cry frequently because of a student(s) behavior in your room then please check out this awesome resource! 

Click on your student behavior and get started. It will take you through a series of useful behavior charts and helpful tips to work with your student. The RTI process of Tier 1 is supposed to last for 6 months but if your child is anything like mine you might want to go ahead and skip to Tier 2 and 3 for more specific behavior charts, data collection charts, and graphs.

If you want a glimpse into my everyday click on tantrums/out of control and read the list in it's entirety. That pretty much happens everyday multiple times a day. I am doing all the interventions listed while collecting all the data and I'm not seeing any progress which is why I've move to Tier 2 and 3.

They have a great forum where you can ask questions and receive advice from a behavior specialist who created the site. I've been on the site all night and thought I would share with you! Hope you are having a wonderful evening. 

Oh and just because I love you all here is a freebie!
It's a holiday around the world cover for a book I'm making with my kids the next few weeks. Just click on the picture below.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Do you LOVE a good savings? Check these blogging girls out!

Recently one of my sorority sisters that is an amazing first grade teacher started a wonderful new blog with her friend. If you love a good savings, shopping, first grade/primary, whole brain teaching, and freebies you MUST check these chicas out! Melissa is one of the most positive and passionate people I have ever met. I know you'll love her blog just as much as I love her!

What I'm LOVING Wednesday

1. I'm loving being on Thanksgiving break! I'm so thankful I get a week off!

2. I'm loving spending time with my parents in their new Atlanta home.

3. I'm loving being around my parents dog Lucy! She is just so adorable and brings a smile to my face!

4. I'm loving that my man is coming in town tonight to join in the festivities!

5. I'm loving that Thanksgiving is tomorrow and all I have to make is my apple pie!

6. I'm loving this gorgeous weather and fall foliage.

Monday, November 19, 2012


This year has been full of opportunities. I have wanted to blog-trust me I would love to be candid and tell you about my daily classroom. But legally it is best for me not to say anything other than I have an extremely challenging child. I've been through a lot already this year and each day find myself saying "Serenity now!" in my head. (Seinfeld friends you will find this funny.) I've learn to deal with unpredictable, ignore to the best of my ability, cry it out (almost everyday), and how much patience one really does need to be a teacher. As I look for the positives in each day and try to de-stress myself it has been hard to blog.

Another opportunity this year is that our principal is retiring. Her last official day is November 30th! She is leaving for personal family reasons and I understand that but at the same time feel extremely nervous about the schools near future. A new principal will be placed in our school the second week of December. The new principal will have big shoes to fill and will hopefully be great addition to our staff.

I have just started my Thanksgiving break and I'm finally relaxed and thinking about the joys of family and this holiday season. I hope that things will get easier in my classroom with time and that it will lead to more blogging.

Over this restful break I will be reflecting on what I'm thankful for and trying to create new, innovative materials for the month of December.

Hope all my bloggy friends are doing well! I'm just now catching up all on the wonderfulness of this half of the school year!