Saturday, October 24, 2015

Highlights from my week

This past week we had a jammed pack short week at school. Friday was a teacher workday but if you finished report cards then you could take the day off. I of course finished my report cards and took the day off.

On Monday my team and I planned for the 2nd quarter of the school year. We had a half-day with our kids and have a sub the other half of the day. It was nice to be able to plan with my team and get lesson plans done. My substitute loved my class and said she would come back anytime. This is awesome considering last year I couldn't use the same person twice since my class was such a handful! It's also great knowing my class this year is so well behaved for others. It puts my mind at ease when I'll be out for maternity leave.

We had our Fun Run on Thursday to raise money for a new playground for our school. The kids love participating in this fundraiser every year. Even if they don’t raise any money they still learn about healthy lifestyle choices, being a team player, and running around a track.

We made a flag for our class. Our team name was Hyland’s Highfliers. Here are some pictures from our Fun Run.

After the Fun Run we took it pretty easy and I let them make these adorable monsters from Miss Kindergarten Love. I am going to hang them up in hallway this coming week.

I did get a chance this week to hang up our bat writing. My kids did a great job writing about where bats live, what bats eat, and what bats look like. I’m proud of their writing! They wrote 3 to 4 paragraphs on bats. I first had them brainstorm and make a circle map. Then they made a tree map. I had them write a paragraph each day from part of their tree map. After I edited their writing. Finally they wrote out their final copies. This process took two weeks to accomplish.

Those were the highlights of my week! Now I'm off to enjoy this long weekend with my family!

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