Friday, October 2, 2015

Five for Friday {1st week of October}


We had another great week in second grade! This year is flying by already! I can’t believe it is already October and we just had picture day this week.

We learned how to make a ten, double facts and related facts this week in math. We watch a cool doubles fact rap and making a ten video that had the student’s fill in missing numbers in the song! They loved this activity!

They also presented their timeline projects this week. They had to write a sentence for each picture on their timeline and read the sentence aloud to present. I loved learning more about my students’ lives. I had some natural speakers and others that needed a round of applause to get started but they all made it through presenting.

We started interventions this week as a grade level. We sorted out our students who needed extra support. Each teacher will be working with 5 students grouped by ability to help fill in the gaps and get them on grade level. While the teacher is working with these students, the others are reading chapter books, taking AR quizzes, and working on book study/book report work. Since this was the first week, it was a little rocky getting things going. I hope that next week we can prefect our routine.

I’m excited it is fall in our classroom. The weather hasn’t caught up yet. This month we will be reading these two awesome books! I just got them in the mail today from Amazon. I can’t wait to read “I Need My Monster” by Amanda Noll next week.

Speaking of books, I read “Our Teacher’s Having A Baby” by Eve Bunting to my students this week. My kids were very excited to find out I’m having a baby. They had lots of questions and I tried answering them all to take any worries away. I will be out in March and then for the rest of the year so they were sad I would not be coming back. I explained that teachers are moms too and need to be there for their newborns. I told them they would be left in very good hands, I already know who will take over my maternity leave and many of my kids know her as well. Now that the news has settled in a little my girls all want me to have a little girl and want to name the baby. One of my students’ looked at me yesterday and said “Oh, I can see your belly now. There is a baby in there.” They are all very amazed and in awe. I’m glad they know so they can share in the excitement and prepare for later on in the year.

Well I’m off to eat some ice cream and pack for the beach this weekend. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I LOVE fall, too! I think I need that book- My Teacher is Having a Baby. I am having a baby in February. When are you due???
    My Fabulous Class

    1. Congrats! I found the book in our school library. I'm due March 8th.