Friday, April 5, 2013

5 for Friday


1. We reviewed basic subtraction for 3 days and then moved into double digit subtraction. My kids LOVED playing subtraction Bingo. We play three days in a row during math centers at my table. They were pretty pumped about it which makes me pumped. Win win!

2. We read If You Give A...stories this week and my little ones reflected on what could really happen in the stories and what couldn't happen in the stories.

BTW this awesome student reflection sheet is from Reagan Tunstall.

3. My students like these silly Laura Numeroff books so much sooo chances are if you give a kid a pencil....they'll write a story! Lol! Yes, I can laugh at my own jokes. Seriously though most kids would probably make the pencil a drum stick or poke someone but in a perfect world they would write a fabulous story. Well my world is not perfect but during writing this week I did have my kids write stories like the If You Give A...books. They had to pick their favorite animal and match it with a food. It had to have alliteration and be super silly of course! So some of the titles included:

If You Give an Alligator an Apple
If You Give a Dolphin a Drumstick
If You Give a Hamster a Hotdog

They got pretty creative and the stories/books came out great. It did take forever to do though. Some of my kiddos are still not finished.

This is a from a circle story packet created by Made for 1st grade.

4. I had my pre-conference for my formal observation. My formal observation in on Monday! Look for an entire post about my super subtraction lesson coming up soon! I created a game called Mystery Math for my math deceives to solve subtraction problems and new center games for them to play.

5. Lastly my kids were terrible today! They better be on their best behavior Monday. I told them the vice principal knew they were so bad that she decide to come see our class on Monday...haha. Little do they know we've planned this formal observation for a few months. They were super talkative today, whining, tattling out the wazoo, and said the word motherf*****.  Umm really?! We had to have HUGE talk about not using bad words or words we don't know the meaning of because they could be super bad. Awful! The little girl that said it said she just repeated what she heard someone saying. Ugh! I told her NEVER to repeat words she didn't know. Most of my class luckily didn't know the F* word at all so they sat looking confusing but scared of my wrath. The other that knew the word were super shocked someone would say it and also scared of my wrath. SO happy it's Friday. Between getting ready for my formal and my kids not behaving I've had to get ready for a giant IEP meeting on Wednesday. The fun just doesn't stop...I might have looked like this by the end of the day...

I'm ready for a restful weekend so I'm prepared, re-energize, and ready for teach my heart out on Monday! Hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. Love how you used the L.N. books to talk about fiction and what is realistic. 2 digit subtraction...worried about tackling that in our first grade! We just did 2 digit addition. It went pretty well but we need more practice!
    Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

    1. Thanks so much ladies! My kids are doing pretty well with 2 digit subtraction so far. We only have to teach taking tens away this year though so there isn't any borrowing that we have to teach. This is according to the CCSS.

  2. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog and am your Newest follower! I teach upper grades, but I love all things early childhood too!
    Love your Circle Story Organizer!

    1. Thanks! I haven't ever ventured into the upper grades but I'm certified to teach reading K-12 so one day perhaps my teaching career will take me there!