Thursday, May 16, 2013

Field Day Fun

We just had our field day yesterday! I was so exhausted from chasing my kids around, being a cheerleader, and even doing a sack race! Field day can be so much fun with the right group of kids! This year my class was all into it and good team players. I did have to sit out two of my boys for arguing and being too competitive but after missing one round of a game they got over it very quickly. I love that at this age they have a 2 second re-bound. On with the fun...

Every year my school does field day around the end of the year. In Florida this always means it is hot and sunny. Which is wonderful if you are equipped for the weather...sunscreen, hat, shorts, and an extra shirt are in order. We also have a theme each year that all the games are based around. Last year we had an Alice in Wonderland theme this year we had a Superhero theme. The kids LOVED it so much! Everyone was supposed to have shirts that represented the theme and being the very tired and worn out first that we are we decided not to do an iron on for each student. Instead we did iron on's for ourselves. We got these adorable iron on's from Katie at

Check it out! It says Super Teacher on the front!
We thought it was super cute and appropriate for the theme! 
I'm on the right in the sorority squat lol. 

Out at field day with water bottles in hand! 

Super kids with Superman!

Good ole' spidey sack race!
 I know you can't see but the sacks were decorated to look like spider webs!

Hope you're having fun wrapping up the school year too!

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