Friday, August 22, 2014

First Week Back {Five for Friday}


It was my first week back to school. I can describe it in one word exhausting! I have lots of little wiggly worms and active firsties.

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Thank goodness for Go Noodle! If you haven't signed up for Go Noodle do it right now! It will help you re focus your students which they need so much at the beginning of the year. My new students love it! They ask if they can "grow their monster" and "play the noodle videos." Right now their favorite brain break is the Dinosaur Stomp and the Happy song because of the minions.

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We read so much this week. I think my kids defiantly have figured out my love of reading. We've read so many back to school books! I've started my kids with read to self. They are very excited to start and go over our anchor charts. They have built up five minutes of stamina. Yes, after five days five minutes. I'm trying but like I said a wiggle bunch. The biggest things we are working on and keep re visiting is staying in one spot the and reading the whole time. Here they are finding good spot in the classroom and reading.

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My students wrote "We are excited about first grade because..." this week. They have so many great responses. They love their school, riding the bus, art, new friends, not being the youngest in school anymore, and their teacher. I got this cute bus pattern from First Grade Blue Skies: BUStin' into School craft. I made it a little bit easier for my kids and didn't give them all the pieces. We made it our own. :) 

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I was not home much this week but when I was this real frog was always hanging around on my side door. Every morning and evening when I came home he was in the same spot. I thought it was funny since I had a frog theme going on in my room. Frogs are following me everywhere! 

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 Friday hasn't looked so good in three months! I was super happy to finish out the week with my kids. I wore this shirt with school supplies on it today. I love my job and I couldn't imagine my life without teaching kids! I also couldn't imagine better co-workers! I love the teachers I work with. One of my co-workers passed out fortune cookies to everyone this morning. This saying "The real kindness comes from within you." is great for the first week of school. We're focusing kindness during our social studies time and of course all day with rules and procedures.

Have a great weekend blogging buddies! Hope you had a wonderful week! 


  1. My kids also love Go Noodle! We did a lot of Maximo videos during our Morning Meeting. Have you done the Gummi Bear song? That and Dinosaur Stomp are our favorites!

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    1. I love Maximo he makes me giggle with his deep hippy voice. I haven't done the Gummi Bear song but will on Monday. Thanks for the tip! The Dinosaur Stomp is so catchy and easy to do...I know why my kids love it!

  2. Hi Jess. I think you have a new pet frog! I love Florida - you're lucky to live there! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Ha yeah I might! Florida is great except for this month! It was 100 degrees today and our AC went out in our school after a fire drill. It was a sauna in my room for half of the day! I'm going to enjoy the weekend in a pool or inside the cool AC. Enjoy your weekend too!

  3. Too funny about the frog! I LOVE Daily 5 and the Cafe! Have you been to their conferences? It's one of the few conferences I've been to that feels like the Oprah show. They kept giving away awesome materials that you can use in the classroom. Good luck with your "wiggly ones". I love Go Noodle to and the Dinosaur Stomp! That is such a fun one. ;)

    1. I have not been to the Daily 5/CAFE conferences. I think it would be awesome to go! I get emails weekly and read the book almost every year to refresh myself on starting up the year. Sounds like an amazing conference that I need to look into more!

  4. I want to try go noodle but have a lot of kids who go silly when things like this happen. I guess over excited.

    1. You should totally try go noodle! I have rules for such as: you have to stand near your desk, be safe, stay away from other. If they cannot follow these rules than they have to sit down at their seat. After a few times of sitting out and missing out on the fun your students will follow all the rules. Trust me! They think of go noodle as a big treat! Also do the calming activities like flow, yoga, and airtime.