Monday, May 16, 2011


Miss Kindergarten: 300 Followers Giveaway!!!!!

I love the signs Hadar makes check all of them out on her website! I hope I win this time :)


  1. nothing to do with this post but i didn't know if you would look below and see the one i had from a few days past.
    We do tye die every year and I hate it. Normally we make a huge bucket full of dye then they did and we spend forever trying to rinse it out.
    With your process you are just spraying the dye out of a spraybottle and letting it sit for an hour or so? They just saturate it? And how does the rinsing go. in theory could i send them home for the kids to rinse out in the same baggie we put them in? I have 25 energetic kids and one sink I just have terrible visions of what might happen.

  2. Hey! Sorry I never responded back but for some reason I'm not seeing your comment. I don't use a spray bottle it's a squirt bottle but it is not hard to wash out because there isn't as much dye. I wait for an hour or so and rinse them out when the kids are at specials. I know other teachers that do just send them home in the baggie and rinse have them rinse them out there. It works well for classes with high parent involvement. I hope this helps you out! Please ask if you have other questions!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm a follower of yours now!!


  4. Thanks for clearing that up. I think I will send the ones home in bags with parents I know who will return and just do the ones that won't make it back. Thanks again.