Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Decor {Pinterest Inspired}

I love Halloween! AlthoughI can't have a full out party at school for Halloween we are putting some fall decor and having fall/pumpkin centers. I have a Halloween party every year on my block. They close down the street and all the neighborhood kids come out for a costume contest, pumpkin seed estimation, dancing, and trick-or-treater. I'm doing some super cute things at home that are Pinterest Inspired that I wanted to share with you all! Maybe you could use some of these ideas at home or in the classroom!

Love this little sign! I'm putting this on my front door.

This is such a great idea! I will be having this "pumpkin juice" at my Halloween party. You could put sort of canned or bottled beverage in the pumpkin.

goofy pumpkins for pumpkin centers

These pumpkin faces just give me a smile and I'm going to be making some sort of pumpkin face/jack-o-lantern in class next week! 

Spider Suckers

These are super easy pipe cleaner tootsie pops! I'll be making these for my kiddos for Halloween! 

This could really be done for any fall party but it's especially cute for Halloween festivities! 

FREE Halloween Printables from Clickable Party
This site has a ton of free printables to make any party fun without being too spooky. 

Personalized Halloween Tub..I can totally make this!
This bucket is adorable to serve Trick-or-Treaters candy in or to put your Halloween books in your classroom. I love to spotlight themed books!

Mummy Lights- so cute!
How cute and easy are these mummy jars?! I will be lining my sidewalk with these!

Yay! Halloween!!
Mummies in a blanket! I love easy, fun food!

spider ice cubes
Make spider ice cubes for your drinks!

Wonderful way of Serving Guac.
I think this is a hilariously funny way to serve guacamole.

 Easy Pumpkin Cupcakes
I will be making these pumpkin cupcakes and some other cupcakes with orange and black sprinkles. 

Melon Brain by instructables (If you're into gruesome, plant a cleaver!)  #Melon_Brain #Halloween

This melon brain is amazing! Not sure how you really eat it but it looks cool. 


  1. You have some really great ideas here, but no links! Please! Tell me where you found those halloween party printables! :)

  2. Oooh sorry about that! I pulled them from my pinterest and thought they would automatically link to the printables by click on the picture.
    Here is the link: