Friday, October 21, 2011

Peek at my Week

Peek at my Week:

Zig Bug book: All week we have been reading A Surprise for Zig Bug in our HM books. Made for 1st has the most adorable comprehension mini book to go along with it. They came out so cute!

Centers: Night Creature centers (Made for 1st) were this week and my wee ones had so much fun in word work. Snapshot of word work area:

Buddy reading: My cuties read Halloween books in the pumpkin bin to each other.

Listening: Pete the Cat was on the deck and my listening center could not have been more popular this week. All I heard was Pete the Cat's song this week...when they were listening, when they were writing about Pete, when they were buddy reading. My oh my they LOVE Pete and his shoes. (I just got the book and these others from my Scholastic order.)

Bats: We have definitely gone batty this weekend in writing and science. We have learned many cool bat facts from these fabulous books:
Then we created a tree map, first draft writing, revised, and a final copy with a craftivity of a bat! They also made a bat book. The kids were so proud of their work and all they have learned about bats.

 Look to the left I was so proud of my little buddy. He finished 5 sentences on his own. While reading his writing I thought this was funny.  "Insex" gosh I love phonetic spelling! 

Spiders: We learned a lot about spiders as well this week and will continue next week to learn about spiders. We watched this awesome powerpoint created by my team leader. My kids were so pumped because my team leader is one of my students mom's and they thought it was the coolest thing that his mom made something for our class. We also watched the Magic School Bus spider movie!

Math Centers:
Owl Number Order

Batty Bingo

* Can you tell I have a bloggy crush on Made for 1st?! They just make amazing products that go along with my curriculum so I use all their great ideas and want to give them credit where credit is due!

*Because it's Friday and I'm super thankful of all the great things that happened this week I'm giving you a freebie. It is a thanksgiving sight word game. Check it out!

Thankful freebie

* Since you are all awesome followers already I'll let you in on a secret. I'm having a giveaway very very soon for 300 followers. ( just 5 more followers to go) It's going to be a big one this time so check back for details!

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  1. Hi! Love your post! Where did you get the adorable owl number order?! Is that from Made for 1st?? Too cute!!

  2. Super cute and fun week:) Can't wait for your giveaway:))

    4th Grade Frolics

  3. Hey ladies! Thanks so much for following!

    @Hadar The owl number order and all of my center literacy and math came from Creatures of the Night from Made for 1st. There stuff is so adorable! I'm sure you could use a lot of it with your Kinders for guided small group or if you had a parent volunteer help out.

  4. Wow!! What a week! Looking forward to your giveaway!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. Just stopping by to peek into your planbook. Lots of great learning, for sure! Come by and peek into my planbook.

    Happy Weekend!
    Rebecca at
    The Teacher's Chatterbox