Wednesday, March 14, 2012

President's Day Flashback!

I know President's Day was so last month...but I haven't had time to do anything more than quick posts here and there so I wanted to share with you my student's writing.

It is very adorable! We read a lot of books about being president and talked about how hard a of job it would be and what we would like to change in the good old U.S.A. Then my kids wrote about what they would do if they were president. They are so creative and came up with so many great ideas! Some of their ideas were to have better security, safer roads, and homes for everyone. Such sweeties thinking of others!

We also compared and contrast Abe Lincoln and George Washington after reading a few biography on each president and watching Brain Pop Jr. videos on them. The kids did a super job on this and created a George and Abe craft!

Before I have to run to do a million other things check out this adorable hallway decor my neighbor had! This is the only Seussy picture I have! I totally forgot to take pictures of all the cutesy stuff we did. Bummer! But most of it was found from Pinterest anyways so it is technically saved!  

Enjoy your night! We're halfway through the week! 


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