Friday, July 13, 2012

Fancy Storage and a Sign

Toady I knocked something off my sumer to do list. I know you've seen those fancy sterile drawer on Pinterest and Kinder-Craze. Well I have decided to make my own version. It was pretty simple to do.

These are the materials I used:
-scrapbook paper
-double sided tape

First I put double sided tape on the ribbon and put it all the away around the top of the drawer so it made a border. Then I measured and drew a line where I should cute the scrapbook paper. I used 2 pieces of scrapbook paper per drawer since my drawers are large. Not the best picture but you can see the ribbon around the top and how I put the paper up to measure it.

Then I secured the paper to the drawer by using double sided tape on the bottom. Then I used regular tape on the inside to make the paper stick to the ribbon.

I had three drawers and made each of them a little bit different. I used green ribbon and blue paper, then blue ribbon and green paper, and finally green ribbon and blue paper again. The paper is all different shades but I like the way it turned out. 

As for my sign...I made this on Monday and haven't had time to post it to Tara's Monday Made It. I was so indecisive about this sign. I painted to 3 times. The first time I painted it my current name which will change next year so then I thought well that's silly! So I painted it green and waited and then painted it what will be my new married name. Then I thought well that is really silly because it's not my name yet. So I painted it all green again. Thought for awhile and then just settled on painted it with first grade since I know I will be teaching first grade. I still not super thrilled about it so it might change again. Good thing I still have a month of summer to decide! 


  1. I love the sign Jess--the colors really pop! And your fancy storage came out awesome!! I love those polka dot handles :)

  2. Your Sterlite bin turned out really cute. Thanks for the clear directions. I have seen lots of pictures, but seeing as I am not crafty by nature, I need step by step directions. :)

    The Teaching Thief

  3. Your storage container looks so good. It's amazing how scrapbook paper can make such a difference!

  4. I think the sign looks great, I adore the color. Thanks for sharing.


  5. I think it turned out super cute and love the sign:) Love the colors too! Thanks for linking up:) Hope you can come back next week with something else:) Grab my button if you do:)))))) Thanks bunches:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  6. I love the storage!! It looks so good!! I want to do mine, but I am a little nervous!