Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Classroom Day 2


I know you all get it but the fiancé simply does not get why I continue to go into my classroom everyday even though it is still my summer! Umm hello?! My classroom is clean and open of course I'm going in! There is just soooo much to do and the list just seems to be getting longer.

Print stuff out and laminate it! (This could take a whole day!
Penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar poster show both sides the name and the amount of change in all different colors
Zip tie desks together
Ribbons for journal markers
Writing rubric and keeping track chart
Mall wall and math workshop
Highlighters for names on paper
Border around cabinets
Enrichment ideas
Donate to our class items of notes for parents
Brain break sticks
AR chart for taking a test and for points
Paint stool
Calendar board and calendar/math notebooks
Ribbon on curtain rod
CAFÉ board
D5 board
Pom poms on the back of dry eraser markers
Command hooks for headphones and computer logins passwords
Transportation chart
Anchor chart area
Table signs
Make curtains
Common board
Job chart
Laminate business cards and put magnets on the for the fridge for meet the teacher 
Meet the teacher bags
Meet the teacher paperwork
First week of school things ready to go!

As you can see I only actually crossed two of those items off my list! I fully intended to go into my room today and make it super cute!  I wanted to start really decorating and putting up bulletin boards but this was not in the cards for me today. First grade got a new teacher (yeah! she's sweet...this makes 11 on our team) but I felt like I needed to talk to her for awhile and help her out. I also had to move curriculum over to her class that was in mine. I moved out of a class that became a Kindergarten class and moved into a first grade class so I had double curriculum and it needed to go! So I had the privilege
of moving all the books, teacher editions, science kits, math materials....you name it curriculum wise over to the new teachers room. That took up a good amount of time in my day and then I had to sort through my own stuff! 

Good news is I got everything taken out of boxes. I also got the 2nd teacher desk taken out of my room! Yeah no teacher's desk for me! Today I also got all of my workbooks for the year and more science levels readers. I organized more and put stuff away so the room might not look too different from yesterday but I'll show you all four walls today. 

Back wall. When you first walk in. Not much different.

Entrance. The bathroom is the other door you see. The stuff to the left of the door is all stuff the last teacher left in the room. :( She did not clean very well or take any staples out of the wall. 

This is the wall to the right. I couldn't take a picture of the whole wall so I broke it up into two pictures.

This is the wall to the left or some might call it the front of the classroom because of the whiteboard. I'm thinking of putting my word wall on that bulletin board or underneath the whiteboard. Has anyone ever put their word wall under the board? Seems like a good idea since they can reach that height and there is space...I just worry they might not be able to see it well all the time. 
This is the other side of the same wall. This will be where my meeting area is once my rug comes! I'm also thinking that my alphabet looks crooked now. Well that will have to be changed tomorrow! Anyone else have problems hanging things straight?

This is actually a pillow that I covered with an old sorority blanket of mine. I just wrapped up the pillow and tied the sides.

I also covered this pillow using bandanas, rubber bands, and ribbon. I just saw this idea this morning from Primary Inspiration: No-Sew Classroom Pillow DIY Project. It is super easy and super cute!

I also finally finished my class quilt today because I had to get more polka dot tape. This took a long time for me to make but I'm happy with it and how it will be used in the class.


New leveled readers and a big book! I love non-fiction books and these are awesome! They have beautiful pictures and are in above, on, and below first grade level to meet all my students needs.

Look at all of those new workbooks! Reading, science, math, and social studies all the makings of first grade! Oh and to the right you can see where I am keeping my book boxes! I'm excited about putting them in these cubbies this year it was a co-workers idea!

This is where I'm going to have students turn in homework and other work. These are also my Lakeshore frames that will be hung up tomorrow on this wall! 

This is my writing table! I put some fabric over two desks to create "table." I have to set up my writing board which is all the stuff on the table. I'm really excited about this area! I know it's going to be great!


  1. I absolutely love your idea of refrigerator magnets to hand out at meet the teacher night. What information do you include on the magnet?

    1. I just use my business card so it has my name, school address, school phone number, and school e-mail address. I laminate them and then put a magnet on the back. That way parents can't say they lost my card or forgot my information.

  2. Just yesterday, my husband says, "Don't you think you're spending way too much time at school? You should be doing summery things!" True, I should be doing summery things, but there is SOOO much to do at school! I was happy to see your list and know I'm not the only one who feels like all these things will never get done. By the way, do you have a bathroom in your room? Lucky!

    Mrs. Webster’s Classroom Connections

    1. There is so much to do at school always! We really never stop working! All of the primary rooms K-1 have bathrooms and even some of the 2nd grade rooms upstairs have a bathroom. It really cuts down on accidents, kids leaving the room, time spend meeting friends, bullying in girls or boys bathrooms, etc. The school was built 6 years ago so things are pretty up to date and the bathrooms are all just one stalls in the hallways for the older kids to make sure kids get in and out and go back to class. Good luck with everything in your class!

  3. 'Tis the season to be living in our classrooms! Thanks for sharing your list...mine just grew a little more! :) 11 on your team? Do you have 11 first grade classrooms at your school?

    A Pirates Life for Us

    1. I know! We only have 9 classrooms on the first grade hallway so 3 of the teachers are out in the portables. It is going to be a bit of a challenge but we have a great group so we'll make it through!

    2. We have 7 first grade classrooms in our school and sometimes people look at us like, wow! But 11...holy smokes! That's a lot of collaboration...and kiddos! :)

  4. Your list has just made me very much aware of how much I have to do too!! Ahh! Perhaps it is time to stop blog stalking and get to work, hehe! :)

    The Teaching Thief

    1. Isn't blog stalking kinda like working?? I mean I think we should get professional development points for blog stalking and Pinterest ;)

  5. My husband doesn't get it either and HE'S A TEACHER!! I love getting a peek at different classrooms. Thanks for sharing!

    Hooty's Homeroom

    1. Well I guess it's only a female teacher thing then! Thanks for stopping by! Good luck with your new school year!

  6. I LOVE your someecards image! Yes! Yes! Yes! I am so glad to know I am not the only teacher who spends her summer planning, crafting, and working in her room! My husband really couldn't understand how I could work at school when I didn't HAVE to work at school :)
    Thanks for all the inspiration!

    ~Michelle Louise
    Fish In Trees