Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Classroom Day 3

 Day 3 in my room was successful! I got a lot of hung up on the wall, cross some things off my long to do list,  and starting decorating bulletin boards. This week I'm trying to focus on how my class looks and next week I'm going to try and focus on getting ready for the kids (paperwork, binders, meet the teacher). I got a surprise from UPS last new rug for my room! I wanted to unroll it so bad last night but was patience enough to wait to get to my class this morning to unroll it. I'm overjoyed with my new rug! It is so amazing and totally worth the $$$ spent from tutoring this summer.

More pictures of my classroom as it comes along:

Loving my writing area...not yet complete still have to find where I put the card and book. This was a combination of helpful writing sheets I found from The First Grade Parade and First Grade Fresh.
The sign says good work hangs here. These frames will hold my students work. The baskets underneath are where my students will turn in work, homework, extra paper will be, and I'm not sure. So if you have any ideas they are welcome. I also have my basket of clipboards to the side. 

Here we have the new meeting area!  I have my rocking chair for reading wonderful books, my easel for teaching all the important strategies, my stool for when I write on the board, big books, and materials in my fancy storage. This bulletin board will hold my anchor charts for reading and math. I'm thinking of dividing the board but I think I'm going to wait. I have a feeling I'll have more reading anchor charts I'll want to post. I also put a lamp here because this will be my spotlight on our book/author of that week.

Still haven't put up my word wall because it took forever to do my other bulletin boards in the room. I did decide that it would be under the board though. It is enough room, easy to reach, and right in front of the classroom. I think it will work well and hopefully look good. I just didn't have the patience today to start messing around with measuring and cutting paper for under the board. 

Tomorrow is another day though and I'm looking forward to meeting with my team. I can't wait to see everyone and what they've been up to for the summer. I'm sure we'll have at least 15 minutes of just catching up before we actually settle down to business.

Hope your'e enjoying some Olympics!


  1. it's looking great Jess! I really like your new carpet. I bet it will be one of your students' favorite places in the room!!

    1. Thank you! I sure hope it is my students' favorite place. I know it will be one my mine since I'll be doing so much teaching/learning on this rug!

  2. Love the new carpet!! I have that on my wishlist.

    Apples and Papers

    1. I have had it on my wish list for 5 years and finally bought it!

  3. Your room is looking fantastic! I like your rug and I'm certain your students will too.
    Where Seconds Count

  4. I love your rug and your writing area! ;)

  5. I have that same rug and LOVE it!