Sunday, August 19, 2012

Meet the Teacher & Photos

I had Meet the Teacher this past Thursday and these are the pictures of my room all ready for my 1st grade families. I have 18 students this year and I had 16 families come to Meet the Teacher. During Meet the Teacher I have the kids sort their supplies and get to know the classroom. I talk with each family to make sure they feel comfortable for the first day, have them fill out a transportation sheet so I know how their child is going home, and take a picture of each little new first grader.

Most of my kids were pretty excited but I have 6 kids that are new to the school and are very shy. I had one student who wouldn't talk to me at all or let me take a picture. Her sister got her to take a picture so we can have her smiling little face in our room. I love putting up the pictures so the kids feel like the room is theirs even on the first day.

I added lanterns above each desk.

Meet the Teacher goodie bags, books for students to view, and table numbers.

Book banner, leveled nonfiction library, and book boxes.

My lovely little reading corner.

View of meeting spot and desk area.

Meeting, calendar, and anchor chart area. First day books are ready to go! 

Calendar complete with rules and schedule!

Good work hangs out here! The baskets are to turn in work, homework, and hold today's work. I have highlighters for when the kids turn in their work and clipboards for any center work or when they need to move to sit on the floor. 

All my first grade planners ready to go and sharp pencils!

Writing area.

Daily jobs for kids (guess I should make a sign for that), lunch choices, and a chart to keep up with our monthly reading logs.

Happy Birthday banner (hard to see with the glare) and birthday months. I'll be taking pictures of my students tomorrow to add to this. All the kids will get together for a photo according to their birthday month.

My math games and word work carts.

Welcome to first grade sweet little birdies! 

Specials schedule, goodbye rhymes, and lunch/specials time.

Transportation chart, behavior chart, rules, storage, beanie baby strategies, para desk, and my fabulous kidney table complete with paperwork ready for Meet the Teacher.

 CAFE board, listening center, goals, and scales on the whiteboard.  

Another view of a table. I love the labels, ribbons, numbers, and lanterns!

Tomorrow is the first day of school and I'm super excited. I'm sure I feel similar to my students-anxious, nervous, excited, happy, a little shy, sleepy, but ready to go! I already have my outfit laid out and ready for the morning. Hoping it is a wonderful first day and a great year! Good luck to everyone out their getting ready, on their first day, and whole school year! You'll are such an inspiration to me and keep me loving my job! 


  1. Your room looks great Jess, I love the colors & the book banner is too cute!

    1. Thank Melissa! The book banner was so easy to make. I just laminate covers I already had and hot glued it to a ribbon.

  2. I love your room!! It looks so inviting. Good luck to tomorrow. I know it is always a nerve racking day.

    Apples and Papers

  3. I love the book banner! Such a great idea :)


    1. Thank you! They are some of my favorite books! It's great to have a use for the book covers because they get ripped if you use them frequently anyway! I just laminate and hot glued to a ribbon.

  4. Your room turned out amazing! Using that curtain to hide your storage looks so polished! :) I love how your table numbers turned out with the lanterns too! I've been on the fence about lanterns as a decoration (I don't have table numbers in pre-k) and I think you helped me making my final decision!

    Creating & Teaching

    1. Thank you so much Erin! I love the lanterns hanging low so the students can still see the projection screen. I'm glad I could help in your decision making process. Can't wait to see your finished room!

  5. The posters in your writing center are they for sale on tpt? I absolutely love them!!!!!

    1. This was a combination of helpful writing sheets I found from