Monday, January 7, 2013

Upcoming Themes for Reading

As we continue into the second half of our school year I wanted to let you know our upcoming themes for reading. These will all go with the CCSS and some will be studies over a couple of weeks. Here are the different topics I have for reading now.

Jan Brett author study

Martin Luther King biography study

Polar Animals non fiction study

Penguin non fiction study

Snowmen non fiction and fiction study


100th Day realistic fiction

Valentine's Day holiday study

President's Day biography study

Dental Health non fiction study

Weather non fiction study

St. Patrick's Day holiday study

Spring non fiction study

Laura Numeroff author study

Eggs/Bunnies non fiction/ holiday study

Plants non fiction study

Insects non fiction study

Animals and Habitats non fiction study


  1. Love all of your themes! We just finished our Jan Brett author study. We do it every year! Love her! Hope yours went well too! :)

  2. How long do you usually spend on these themes?

    1. I spend one to two weeks on each theme. For example St. Patrick's Day was only one week and Easter will only be one week but weather, plants, insects, animals, habitats they go on for 2 weeks because there is so much to do! Hope this helps answer you question!