Friday, September 20, 2013

Five for Friday {Open House Week}

Hey lovelies!


This was such a busy week! I had Open House on Monday, had Progress Reports due Tuesday, was out for a training on Wednesday, stayed super late at school on Thursday finishing work, and unfortunately attended a funeral of a co-worker on Friday. Thank goodness for the weekend!

1. Here is a little snapshot of my Open House.

You can check out how my Open House from this post.

2. I can't believe I already did Progress Reports!! Eek! I've already had my kids for six weeks! 
Parents just signed up for Report Card conferences! This year is just flying by!

Check out their amazing writing from this week! They are already growing so much!

3. I just went to a training for an intervention program called Voyager Passport. It is scripted so there isn't much leeway in things I can do. I understand the program wants to make it predictable for the struggling students. It contains the 5 components of reading and we start using the program at the end of the month for our tier 3 students. The program does have a lot of progress monitoring so there is tons of information for RTI.

4. Here is my beautiful new Common Board.
For each subject we have a standard, essential question, goal, scale, and tracking for students understanding of all that! Whew! It is so much information but here it all is on this board!

Huge props to my teacher friends who helped/did the board while I supervised!! I LOVE my team! They are the most wonderful and supportive team a teacher could ask for! We share everything, encourage each other, help each other, and motivate each other to do our very best! I honestly don't know what I would do without these ladies this year!

5. Sadly I went to a co-workers funeral this afternoon with my team. This was a wonderful co-worker who had been battling cancer for a year. He was such a great man who always had a smile and a Gator hat on. He helped our team so much! He always made sure we had copies....this seems silly but in a school full of 1,275 students copies can be hard to come by in a timely manner. He always just took care of our team and looked after us. His family was comforted by the support of our school and I'm glad I went. He'll be missed!

On a happier note next week we are getting a surprise in my class. I must be a crazy person to take this on or else really LOVE my class this year. I think it must be a bit of both. I can't tell you just what it is just yet but you'll see next week. Leave a comment and guess what "it' is.


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  2. Are you getting a class pet? I know my class would like that kind of a surprise.

  3. What does the B, M, E stand for on your Common Board?
    Do the kids put something on the board to show where they are at?
    It looks really good!

    1. Hey Andi,
      It stands for beginning, middle, end. The kids put their number (from their ABC number order) up on the board during the beginning, middle, and end of the unit we are studying. They put it at 4, 3, 2, or 1 to show their understanding of the standard. Usually at the beginning of the unit students are a 1 because they don't know anything about the standard being taught. Then in the middle of the unit they are more at a 2 which means that they know some of the standard and can do it with an example or model. At the end of the unit students should be at a 3 or a 4 if they have mastered the standard. If the students aren't there I know I'll need to re-teach to those students and continue to teach that standard. This is something that our district makes us do but it can be really helpful for the students to become more self aware of their learning. Thanks for reading!

  4. Jess,
    Love your Word Wall. Is that one of your products?

    The Rungs of Reading