Monday, September 2, 2013

Sunday Snapshots { My 2nd week of school!}

Hey friends! Here is a little peek at my second week of school! I wanted to do a quick blog post before I leave town for a fun weekend at the beach! Thank you 3 day weekends!!

To be continued.....

Okay above is how far I got to writing on Friday night before passing out on my computer. Then we went out of town and had a fabulous weekend full of family and friends at the beach. Sooo instead of posting on Friday night it has become a Sunday post! 

Is anyone else guilty of falling asleep on their computer? Is this just a teacher thing since we're so tired all the time?

Back to the blog is a snapshot of my awesome second week with my kids. I adore my class this year and hope that this isn't just a honeymoon period with them!

I got these amazing storage pockets at IKEA. Which oh my word if you haven't been to expect to be in their for a long time and don't go in the wrong way. We did and it was kinda a nightmare. I thought it was going to be similar to Target and I could not have been more wrong. I was just popping in for a few things oh how laughable that is now that I know all about the store. IKEA has such affordable prices and a huge selection. What a wonderful place to get more for my classroom!

Anyways I got these storage pockets for my kiddos headphones. They each have to bring their own to school. The reason we put this on the supply list this year is because last year we had a lice epidemic. Yes, epidemic it was all over every grade level. I removed everything and anything that could have held lice and cleaned it repeatedly. I have some school headphones for kids that didn't bring their own but I only have 2 kids that didn't bring them in. Also I have more than 12 children but 4 brought in earbuds that I placed in ziploc bags in the last pocket.

Great kid stools I got at IKEA. My students fit perfectly in them and love using them! 

I found this great bath mat again at IKEA that is perfect for my sink area.

I got these great pillows off Amazon to make my class a little more comfy. I thought they would look cute in the front of my room.

My kids started word work this week and are doing stamps in this picture and magnetic letters below. I also let them use wikki sticks, smelly markers, and alphabet stickers this week. They think that word work is the best thing that every happen. Which is kinda true at least for spelling words and sight words.

I projected my all the spelling words and sight words on the board as a reference for them. They are posted around the room but I thought this would be easier for them while getting used to spelling words.

I cleaned up my library area and moved all my red book boxes out. I put all my nonfiction books in with my fiction books. It was a space saver for me and I didn't like how the old red book boxes looked. I now have science leveled readers, spelling notebooks, reading response notebooks, science notebooks, and poetry notebooks in the cubbies.

I got an awesome package this week with this cute bag! I won it in a giveaway from Run! Mrs. Nelson Has the Camera. I use it now as my new school bag and love it! It has six pockets all around it and stands up very nicely too.

My last snapshot is from morning message. I love having it on the smart board. It is easy to change each day and the kids love interacting, writing, and being the pointer.

Hope you all had a fabulous 3 day weekend!


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    1. Thanks Amanda! I've worked hard on it and continue to add things all the time. Now that it is the 3rd week of school though I need to stop and focus on other things! Thanks for stopping by!

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  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your room looks fantastic. I love the Owl perched by the READ sign. Best wishes this school year.