Friday, August 23, 2013

Five for Friday { 1st week back}


TGIF! I'm so happy is it Friday and the weekend! This week was a super busy week. I'm glad to just put up my feet and relax! 
Although I can't for too long because I still have more work! It just never ends as a teacher.  


Little cuties doing read to self! We are up to 9 minutes of stamina now! My kids are loving this time. I only have one student who breaks stamina consistently he just stops reading and looks around. 

My kids playing freeze tag. Everyone is it and when you get lightly tapped on the shoulder you freeze and put your arms up. Then someone can un freeze you by going under your arms. The rules are you have to walk and you can't tag the person that just un tagged you. We played this game when it was raining outside! I think my kids are going to love silly games and sports! Only one kid didn't follow the rules and had to sit out.

These are beautiful little drawings the kids made and label of themselves. 

This guy cracks me up! I had his brother in my class two years ago.  He drew himself in a science lab and labeled the parts. He labeled "not tested potion." Just makes me smile. I love out of the box thinkers.


We started math journals this week. My kids did really well with doing math problems on their own. They answered the question with sentences and pictures. Then they had to turn to their shoulder partner and explain how they got the answer and what they did. I love hearing their responses. Most of them knew who had more books but it was harder for them to explain how they knew. I know this is really going to help my students dig deeper into math this year. Right now we are doing the problems whole group and then going over them together but I may turn math journals into a center later in the year.


 We took our spelling pre-test and I'm so happy with how my kids did! Five of my kids will be on the on grade level list this week. This is the list I tested them on for the pre-test. Most of my kids scored a 100% on the test though so they will be practicing the above grade level list this week. It is still short /a/ but with blends. I made lists for the whole year and have the resources on my TPT here.

It was a great first week back and I'm looking forward to more with this class! Hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh, your kids' drawings are SO cute! I'm lovin' your blog, thanks for stopping by mine!
    Kinder Colors

  2. My 3rd graders have a competition going on with one of our 1st grade classes for read to self stamina. It all started by me making a comment at lunch about our first day...4 minutes. The 1st grade teacher said, "what?! my kids are up to 10 minutes!" So I told my class that if 1st graders could do 10, surely 3rd graders could do more than that!" Well today, when they reached 12, they wanted to make sure I checked with 1st grade to see where there were. So at lunch, I did. Well they didn't get to it yesterday, and in the afternoon is when they do Daily 5. So, here I am, teaching, and Mrs. Turner comes in and says, "Uhm, my class has something they'd like to tell you." comes all 20+ of her 1st graders to tell my class they read 14 minutes! It was great. The 1st and 3rd graders are so motivated now! It was really cool.

    I hope you create a class picture like I did. It was a great 1st 1 on 1 conference with my kiddos during Daily 5, and I could tell who liked to write and who didn't by if they chose to write it or if they wanted me to. :)

    The Journey of a Beginning Teacher

    1. Lindsey that Daily 5 challenge sounds like so much fun! I want to see on Monday if any of the upper grade teacher would want to do a challenge with us!
      Thanks for the tip of taking the class pictures!