Friday, August 9, 2013

Five for Friday


It's my last Friday off. Wahh! I start pre planning on Monday! This summer has been so memorable. I'm not ready to go back just yet! 

Here are my 5 for Friday: 


My laminator broke!  
RIP 2011-2013

The lamination got stuck and melted inside. There was no fixing it my hubby tried for an hour last night. So I ordered a new one and it should be here on Saturday or Monday. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime two day shipping.


I organize my new Journeys curriculum this week. I put most of the stuff away in cabinets but I have these guided reading book on hand right next to my kidney table. I organized them by lesson because they were organized vocabulary, language, below, on, and above grade level. I like having all the books I need for that week together. So I took the first book out of each tub and rubber banded them together for all 30 lessons. Then I just placed them from lesson 1-30 back in the same bins.


This is my new adorable owl my best friends mom made for me! She is also making me pillow covers to match for my reading corner! I love my little owl!


I'm a winner of 3 amazing prizes! Thanks so much to Farley, Tara, and Miss Nelson! I adore their blogs and I'm so pumped that on the last day of summer I won!!! It was meant to be for sure!


Today is my last official day of summer!
So long sweet summer!
It's been one of the best! Highlights include getting married, going on our honeymoon, spending time with friends and family, and just relaxing!

Hope everyone has had a great week! I know many people had their first day of school this week or will be having it on Monday. Good luck! 


  1. Hi! I'm stopping by from Five for Friday! Congratulations on your recent marriage! Mine is coming up in December and I simply cannot wait! Enjoy your last weekend of summer!

    1. Thanks!! It goes by so fast! Enjoy every single moment of it!