Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chevron Shelf

I made an blah black shelf into a beautiful chevron shelf a few weeks back! I thought I would share with everyone so you could see how easy it is to use shelf liners! 

First I put the shelf liner on the top and cut it with regular scissors. You could use an exacto knife but their was a graph on the back of the shelf liner so it was easy to cut the exact length and width.

Then I covered down the sides and made sure the the chevron matched up on the sides.

I folded it back like this. It was a bit sloppy in the back but no one is seeing that part!

Now this is what the shelf looks like. It holds printer paper, card stock, pretty computer paper, and lots of stickers in the blue bin.

It's the perfect cute shelf for my printer! 

I used this shelf liner and had plenty! I would love to use it on other areas in my room! 

I got the shelf liner from Amazon