Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Digs {Classroom Tour}

Come check out my classroom digs! This is a "soft opening" and a totally work in progress. It will all be done on Thursday morning for Meet the Teacher but is not done just yet. Take a little peek inside my classroom.

My home away from home my school.

Enter into my classroom.

Take a look to the left and you'll see my guided reading/math area.

My transportation and clip chart on my teacher cabinet. 

My new "Hall of Fame" ribbon, guided reading books, beanie baby strategy board, and printer cart.

Another view of my beanie baby strategy board. The other board is my word wall and below is my listening center.

A different view of the area and the door.

My welcome board with my little birdies! I can't wait to get my class list! This is my word work cart and math center games cart. I put the math games I want them to play in the green basket.

This just shows part of our schedule...the most important parts lunch and specials.

The door leads into our one stall bathroom. On the door I have  birthday chart and tooth chart. On the back cabinet I have my lunch count, reading log chart, homework club, and job chart. This is also my unfinished writing area. I'm waiting on my table to get finished painting. My friend was super sweet to paint it for me.

To the right of the front door. These cabinets hold many classroom supplies like tissues, soap, paper, math materials, markers, ziploc baggies, etc. I brighten the top cabinets with some green poms and polka dots.
This is a close up of my crate seats and my guided reading/math table that is also my teacher desk.

View from my front door looking in.

View of my Smart Board and front area.

Beautiful frames that hold my students work and my turn in baskets. I have one for reading and math homework, work for today, and a general turn in work basket.

Up close of the cabinets.

My class library. The books are labeled my genre and by level.

Our cozy little area to read. 

Our cubby area where students hang their backpacks and put their lunch boxes away. The red book boxes are all nonfiction leveled readers. The blue are my students book boxes.

Close up of my numbered cubbies. They put their backpack on their number hook and their lunch box in that cubby. They share cubbies because two lunch boxes easily fit.

Our table baskets and table supplies. I have their books on their desks so they can browse through them at Meet the Teacher. The bags are their treats to get them excited about school.

This board has our sight words, Daily 5 rotation board, rug rules, and daily schedule.

Our reading easel and rocking chair. Another favorite spot in our room to read.

Our little math area. The pocket chart is the our math rotations board. Then the calendar is underneath. The large red thing is something that came with our math series. It's called a grab and go math center. It holds books and games that go with each unit.

This is my area for organization. I have some of my personal things and gifts from over the year. This is right next to my computer.

This is my teacher computer, phone, and personal little space.

These are student computers located right next to mine.

Hope you've enjoyed the tour! Check back for updates and the grand opening of my classroom! 


  1. Your cabinets are so cute and I love how you actually have the beanie babies attached to the wall!

    For the Love of First Grade

    1. Thanks! It's amazing what some hot glue can do!

  2. You're classroom is wonderful! I love how you have baskets for handing in student's work and the transportation chart! Do you have labels for the bins and the cute pictures for the transportation chart?

    1. The basket labels are from Ladybug Teacher and I can't remember where I got the transportation chart! Sorry I've had it since last year and just can't remember! Thanks so much for peeking into my room!

  3. Jess! Your classroom looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!! I love all of your boards and your colors are so pretty!!! I'm bummed we don't teach first grade together! Your little gifts are so cute, too!

    1. Thanks! I wish we could teach together! That would be awesome!

  4. Your room is super cute! I love your green and white polka dot bean bag!

    1. Thanks Molly! It is a little deflated from all the but my kids adore sitting there!