Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sqworl & a new table!

I just found out about this cool sit called Sqworl. Basically it is a homepage for all the pages you want to save for you students. I have my students use the computer twice a day for Listen to Reading and Math Facts. So instead of opening up a bunch of tabs so they can find everything or explaining favorites to them they can just click on what they want to do. 

Now you may be thinking "yeah, that's great but what if they aren't on the page I want them to be on?" Well I can see their monitors to check but also this is an easy way they can't get on any sites you don't want them to be on. They are all educational you are putting the pages you want up. I also tell/threaten my students that if they are on the wrong site (it's math time and you are on starfall instead of MobyMax) that they will lose their computer time. This is a big deal for a first grader so I've actually never had to follow through on this one. 

Anyways I think this is a great resource for other to use as well so I thought I'd share. 
Check my page out: 


Today I went into my classroom and I got a lot done but I want to wait and show you everything when it's ready. I do want to show you this one little fabulous find though. Teachers I know you'll be excited about it because they hubby just doesn't get it! 

My teacher neighbor found a table for me while cleaning out a storage closet today!! We covertly picked it up and took it to my room! It was not being used and it is perfect to use as a writing table! 

Sorry the pic is a bit fuzzy! I'm going to cut the felt pieces in half and place on the other chair legs.

Look it even has a place to put paper underneath! There is only one tiny problem...do you see it? Yeah, it's red! Umm not my colors!

This is the part in the story where my hubby just didn't get it. He was like "well what's the issue do you have to be a fashionista in first grade?" follow by "is this west elm elementary?" and "you need to take a chill pill Martha Stewart of first grade." He makes me laugh and I will be painting it blue hopefully this weekend.

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