Thursday, May 22, 2014

That's a Wrap! End of the Year Party

I can't believe it is almost the end of the year! But who I am kidding...I'm counting down the days! I have 8 more days of school and this is my last full week of school!

So this is how I'm going to wrap up with my first graders this year on the last week of school.
Our last day of school we only have 3 days. We are having a Hollywood theme first grade center rotation! Our first grade classes will switch and go to other teacher rooms to play games.
The games are:
Hollywood Squares-kid movie trivia
Red Carpet Relay-kids dress up as a movie star and walk down the red carpet then have to switch with a partner and walk back down the red carpet
Oscar hot potato-kids will play hot potato with a fake Oscar trophy
Karaoke-kids will all sing along to songs
Dance party-kids will dance and play freeze dance

Then the kids will have their "movie premiere" of our year together. I make a slideshow with music for the kids to take home as a gift. We will all watch the movie together and remember our year.
This is the gift I gave my kids last year and this year the gift will be very similar. 

A picture frame from Oriental Trading and a Scholastic dollar book. This year it is a Junie B. Jones book.


Swedish fish

Thanks for a picture picture year with our class DVD. I got these tags from The First Grade Parade.

Buckets with their names on them. A parent used a circuit for all the names.

All the goodies in the bucket and our memory books bounded with the covers.

The boys had blue and the girls had red last year. 

We will also have our awards ceremony. I'm rolling out the red carpet (or just butcher paper) for the kids! They will all walk down and receive their award for the year.

On the last day we are having a "Frozen" day. We are going to watch the movie Frozen and sing every word I'm sure. We will also have popsicles and other "Frozen" activities.

What are you up to the last week of school?