Monday, May 26, 2014

Top Ten Things I Want To Do This Summer

Summer is right around the corner. 2 more weeks, 7 days with the kids and 2 teacher workdays. June 6th can't come fast enough!
I have some trips planned out for this summer already but here are 10 things I want to do this summer!

1. Read lots of book! I have a wish list on Amazon that I created so when I finish one book I can see what I'd like to read next and then instantly download that book.

Product DetailsProduct Details

2. Go to the beach! While reading all these fabulous novels I should be sitting on the beach. The beach is about 45 minutes to an hour away from where I live. I just need to hop in the car and go for the day. It seems far for me since I've always lived about 10 minutes away from the beach. I vow this summer to take more advantage of living in driving distance and go.

3. Take day trips with teacher friends. I have a few teacher friends and it would be so fun if we took day trips to cool places around where we live. St. Augustine and Mount Dora are a couple places that would make a great day trip.

4. Exercise every day. I'm serious about this one. I'm not working over the summer so I don't have any excuses. I want to work out at least one hour every day. I plan to take classes during the day, workout at the gym, and do hot yoga. I think it I wake up and do it first thing in the morning I will be successful.this works for fitness, work, love, etc.
5. Watch some of my favorite TV shows. True Blood, Orange is the New Black, and So You Think You Can Dance all come back on this summer.

6. Go on lunch dates with friends and the hubby. All year long I hear about people taking fabulous one to two hour lunch breaks at nice places around work. I want to go and enjoy that time to sit down with and chat during their work week. It will be great to get out of the house and have some social time during the day.

Blood orange, fennel, almond and goat cheese salad -
7.  Plan for next year. Yes, I can't help but include some teacher related. I want to combine our science and literacy standards together to make better science plans. I also want to get things ready for the next school year. This includes set up for the classroom, Meet the Teacher, and creating new activities. 

Could use for honor roll or welcome back!!Bulletin board.
Isn't this bulletin board adorable?! I would love to use this and have the words say "Dive into first grade!" 

8. Blog! I would like to read more blogs and write more myself. I have taken a very long break from it and I miss it. I want to get back into the blogging community.

9. Clean and organize my closet. I am actually going to do this one because I really need to do it. It looks like a hot mess and it is hard to find things. My friend and I are going to do this one together to decide what to keep and what to donate. If I have a ton of things this might lead to a garage sale...which should probably happen anyway. Disclaimer: My closet it not even half of this size but this would be very nice to have. I need to organize my closet even more since it is smaller.
9 Gorgeous Closets That Show The Glam Side Of Organization (PHOTOS)

10. Landscaping and painting our house. Our house is super cute but it also really old and needs a refresher.  We have already started some part of the landscaping but I want to take it even further to continue making our home look the best it can. I also really want to paint a fresh coat on our house. It needs it bad so hopefully these are some projects that can get done while I'm at home this summer.
 Landscaping for Privacy-A lack of privacy is a fact of modern home ownership. In urban and suburban settings, the proximity of neighbouring houses and exposure to the street are inescapable realities. However, it's possible to mitigate these situations through the creative use of buffers, barriers, hedges, and screens.  I def need this in my backyard
What do you want to do this summer? Link up or comment below!


  1. So true that there are no excuses not to exercise because we are not working over the holidays - I have good intentions too but something (like you just telling me Orange is the New Black is coming back on over the summer) always seems to come up! Good luck with your list!
    Growing Little Learners

    1. Thanks! Yes, I get distracted with good TV shows too! Hope you have a great summer!