Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Open House {2014}

Open House was Monday night. To clarify for my readers, my Open House is a night where parents come for an hour to learn about our classroom. I cover everything from curriculum to field trips. It is pretty much everything the parents will need to know for the whole year. There is so much to get ready for Open House. I have been planning with my team for Open House this past week.

You can check out my past Open House posts here;

I make a folder with handouts of super helpful (I hope) information for parents. Let’s start with what is in the parent information folders.
I put these awesome reading strategies handouts in the folder. I hope parents will use these strategies and praises while reading with their student at home. I got these handouts from Growing Firsties

I put their students’ STAR reading and math level. This is a computer-based test through Renaissance Learning. The students’ have to take this to be placed for their AR level. I include a handout explaining AR and how the parents’ can log on to see their child’s quizzes.

Most of the time that the parents are in my classroom, I’m going over my power point of everything from curriculum to paying for lunch.

Here is what was in the hallway for parents to look at before coming in. The front is their graduating year from high school! Inside they listed their goals for the year.

1st grade goal banners:

Here are what their desks looked like:

 I made magnets to hold their work at home and book marks for parents. I also included some of their projects from this year.
Erica made this adorable tags for the water and I just had to use them. She makes the cutest things! Check them out here. 

My Open House went really well. It was extremely hot in the room though. I'm pretty sure the AC went out because I'm not a nervous sweating presenter but it looked like it last night. So glad I had the water bottles for the parents! They drank them during the presentation.  I had 14 out of 18 parents attend. Two of the parents that did not attend though had children in my class last year so they know the drill. Then one momma who didn't show is about to have a baby any day now so I get that. Not sure what happen to the other child's parents but I sent out the powerpoint and sent home the information so everyone received it. It is great to see the parents again at school before we meet for parent teacher conferences. 

Now on to progress reports, lesson plans, team leader meetings, and informal observations! Have a great week teachers!

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