Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Writing

Hey there bloggers! Happy hump day! I sure hope you are having a great week.We have being doing some fall writing in first grade and I wanted to share with you.

First up we wrote about the season fall and what you can wear, see, and pick in fall. We made a bubble map together the first day. Next the kids took the words from their bubble map and put them in a tree map. Then they took the information from their tree map and wrote sentences in their “Authors at Work” journal or writing journals. I made corrections in their journals. Finally they wrote their final copy on this adorable paper Anna Brantley and made this craft from All Student’s Can Shine.

This week we’ve been working on acrostic poem writing. The first day we discussed poems, watched a brain pop video, and I showed them a sample of an acrostic poem. Then yesterday and today we wrote acrostic poems. The first poem was all about fall. The poems today were with our names. I thought the kids did a great job! I forgot to snap a picture of the acrostic poem with my name that we wrote together. It was humorous and will have to go on blog this Friday! 

Charlie put he is cool, handsome, awesome, regretful (he explained he regrets when he gets in trouble and moves his clip), lazy (he said it not me!), interesting, and exciting. I thought it was a great! He illustrated a picture of himself outside with an airplane. 

Next up we have the fall poems. In case you can't read them this is your translations. Fall is falling leaves off trees, apples red and green, little pumpkins ready to be picked, and leaves crumbling on the floor. Then we have Fall is falling leaves, apples start to fall down, live animals, and little pumpkins in the patch. This next one is a little bonus from a cutie who wrote during work on writing in centers. 

He wrote school: soaring (our mascot is eagles and we soar!), caring, happy, organized, amazing (which begins with an o for him), and learning. I love how he feels about school!

Have a great rest of your week. Tomorrow we are participating in the Fun Run! I’m going to be one tired teacher!


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