Friday, October 10, 2014

Five for Friday {October 6-10}


1. I am one tired teacher! There is just something about a field trip that just takes energy out of you.
We went on a field trip today! We went to the Orlando Repertory Theatre to see the play Click, Clack, Boo! A trick treat1 It was such a fun play to see. We had a nice picnic under some trees before seeing the play. It was a great trip, enjoyed by my kids.

2. Speaking of Halloween, we got Booed this week. This is a neighborhood treat basket that goes around during October. We got a treat basket on our porch with these two signs. We put the “We’ve been booed!” sign on our front door so the neighbors know not to give us a basket. Then I made baskets for two of our neighbors to pass on the fun. I loved, loved, loved the baskets I made for our neighbors but forgot to take a picture. L I realized the minute we got back to our house from dropping them off that I didn’t take a picture. My husband said just go back and take a picture…um weird on someone’s front porch when you’re trying to be sneaky. Anyways we have a great time getting ready for Halloween with this neighborhood activity.

3. I got the MOST adorable pumpkin for my front door! This makes me so happy! I’m loving the burlap bow and chevron. I got this from Etsy.

4 .This week in reading we worked on main ideas and supporting details. My co-worker made this beautiful anchor charts to support learning. My class made this anchor chart about bats after reading several bat books. The main idea was bats and the facts and examples from the book were supporting details. I made this sample and then in the writing center they made they own bubble map.

5. Boosterthon Fun Run started this week. The theme this year is Rockin’ Town Live. We had our pep rally and they made these cut outs of our admin team. Our principal is Elvis. SO FUNNY! We also came up with a band name for our class: “Fabulous 1st Graders.”

I’m off to watch a movie in my PJ’s and get some rest! Have a wonderful weekend! 

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