Saturday, November 5, 2011

Favorite November Books

Veteran's Day Books:

A is for America
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This is a delightful alphabet book that features highlights of America's history through thoughtful rhymes a beautiful illustrations. Our first grade play is based off of this book so I love to use it to introduce our play.

H is for Honor
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H is for Honor is a alphabet book describing the military lifestyle. This book is a wonderful way to explain to children about veterans, soldiers, and their families who serve in their own special way. This book is a favorite of mine since my brother serves in the Navy. I know I will be giving this to his children one day.

Pilgrim Books: 

You Wouldn't Want to Sail on the Mayflower
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This hilarious book gives inside information on what it was like to sail on the Mayflower as a pilgrim chid. It's creative flair and text features keep even your most uninterested readers wanting more. The illustrations are excellent conversation starters on how people lived on the Mayflower.

Sarah Morton's Day and Samuel Eaton's Day
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These classic books explain about the day in the life of a pilgrim girl and boy. These are  great books to use to compare and contrast pilgrims chores and daily lives to children now.

This is the Feast
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A poetic book that focused on the first Thanksgiving feast.

Native American Books:
Arrow to the Sun
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This Pueblo Indian tale lends is self to teach retelling and sequencing events. It's vibrant illustrations will keep your students interested in the hero's quest to find the Solar Fire. This is a Caldecott Honor book.

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Tomie dePaola is a wonderful author and illustrated who tells the legend of Texas Indian girls who are brave. These are greats books to use with painting activities, to learn about another state, and to learn about state flowers. 

Turkey Books: 

10 Fat Turkeys
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A crazy counting book that will keep your children laughing and having fun while learning. I use this book in my listening center each year and it's a huge hit! 

Turkey Trouble
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This funny story is about a turkey who is trying to find his way out of being dinner and how he hilariously disguises himself and out tricks the farmer. This book lends itself to a "Tom Turkey" activity of disguising turkeys for Thanksgiving or a writing activity of what else you could eat besides a turkey on Thanksgiving. 

T is for Turkey
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A wonderful alphabet book that tells the Thanksgiving story. This is a great book to use as an overview of the Thanksgiving holiday or as a review for older kids. 

Hope you have enjoyed my favorite books to use in November. 
Happy reading!

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