Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Recap!

This past weekend and the week so far have almost been a blur. I have been way too busy to even sit. But since most of my conferences are almost done and I'm finally able to catch my breath I thought I would recap my Halloween activities.

We had a wonderful character parade and my kids were so cute! Then we had fall party full of fun centers for the kids. My room my is simply wonderful because she put together all the activities and crafts! This is a picture of one of the crafts a goodie bag that looks like candy corn made out of a paper plate. She bought pencils, erasers, candy, etc. to put in the bag.

The student also made this cute craft with their picture in sepia which I just loved! I wanted to keep all of them and hang them in my room. The parents loved this one!They also got to decorate their pumpkin after doing educationally stuff with them of course! Did you know pumpkins float? That was my kids favorite experiment with the pumpkins.
The candy corn bandit also came and took some of our precious candy corn on Halloween and made us chase around the school trying to find him! Only to find out that he was gone and off to the next location! But we finally found our candy corn safely back in our classroom-it was missing a few but is was still a yummy treat! We had so much fun doing this activity! Check it out at The Inspired Apple. My kids wrote about the candy corn bandit and made the craft! Too cute for making predictions which we are learning about this week and sequencing events which we did last week. I totally forgot pictures at school but this is what our special candy corn jar looked like! This was a huge hit with the kids and a great way to keep them learning on Halloween.

One of my other awesome volunteers who helps our class out so much had a Halloween party for my whole class after school on Thursday. (we didn't have school on Friday) This mom went all out for the party! She had a kid table with pizza, soda, candy and an adult table with catered sandwiches, sushi, wine, and beer. The kids played games, danced, and had a great time. It was nice for my to catch up with some of the parents I don't see that often too. I don't know if it is just me but I find that each year there is always that one creepy Dad...that likes to joke around but is soo not appropriate for school. This may seem off topic but I bring it up because one Dad asked me if I was going to drink (around parents ummm NO WAY!) and said that I should loosen up a little since it was a party. Then when I saying goodbye to everyone he said that since I was leaving he may as well go to since I was the life of the party. Yes, I know these things are not terrible but the way he said them made me just feel weird. It still does not beat my first year when I putting a darling little kinder in her car and the Dad says " Kindergarten teachers didn't look like that when I went to school." To which I polite responded " Sir, I'm sure you wouldn't have realized if they did."

Ohh parents! I have been having conferences all week and so far they are going really well! I think it is due to the fact that I have such an amazing class and everyone is on or above grade level. I'm so proud of them! :)

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  1. I can relate to the creepy dads. I had a boyfriend of a mom two years ago that would show up intoxicated and yell lot of inappropriate stuff to me. It was awful.