Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back from Spring Break Blues

I thought I would post over Spring Break but my Internet was down while I was home and then I went out of town. I also thought I might create some more of Spring Break but my computer is having sadly having issues and working slowly (it's 5 years old) so I did not. I actually did not do any work of Spring Break which was great because I'm usually very consumed in school. I had a multitude of doctors appointments which went into this week :( sadly my eye has an cyst of some sort and is infected. It was mostly a relaxing and wonderful week seeing my family and friends though.

I watched The Hunger Games which was amazing except for a few parts that they changed which they didn't have to but did anyways. What did y'all think about the movie love it/hate it? I enjoyed it even though the book is ALWAYS better!

My kids have been such great little students this week! They were pumped to be back at school and listened to everything I said. Spring Break did a lot for them in the way of relaxing and getting back on track which is great for me. I really hope I'm note jinxing myself by saying all this about them! They did an awesome job with our fire drill this morning. It went off 3 times! The first time was planned and we exited the building but the 2nd and 3rd time were not and each time my kids quietly stopped what they were doing and hopped into line ready to go. Thankfully we did not have to go out the 2nd or 3rd time it was just a mishap with the fire alarm. It was quiet the interruption to our day this morning since it was during literacy centers. Unfortunately I didn't get to two reading groups...my kids were sad they didn't get to come today but they are my above grade level and way above grade level readings groups so I think they'll be okay without one day of reading group. Then I interrupted their day even more by having to leave them half way through the day for another doctors appointment. I really wish doctors/dentist offices would be a little more understanding of teachers time. We can't just take an hour break or go on our lunch time....we have to take a full day or half a day which is hard on the kids and more work for us teachers. (Sorry for the rant! I love doctors- my best friend is one! It just stinks when they are not flexible at all with days and times!)

This week we are working on categorizing and classifying in reading. I'll have to show you the anchor chart we made today and their charts tomorrow. They came out so cute! I don't feel like I have that much else to do other than make charts/foldables with categorizing and classifying though...does anyone have book recommendations/activities?

Hope you are having a lovely spring day!


  1. I tagged you Jessica! Come over and check it out!! :)

  2. I am sorry to hear about your doctor's appointments. I have been to the dentist more than I would like to admit lately! Did you get your package from me? Just want to make sure!


    1. Yes, I dd get your package! Thanks so much I love it! :)