Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Eggs

Hope you had a wonderful Monday. Mine started out with a training. I have a busy week full of gator/habitats activities! First grade is going to Gatorland on Friday for our big field trip of the year! My students and chaperones (all 9 of them...there was no limit this time) are geared up and ready to go. It will be fun for all!

I just wanted to post quickly about some beautiful Easter writing I did last week with my kiddos. They each wrote about how they celebrate Easter with their families. Then they cut eggs out of large white paper and painted their own designs with watercolors. I think they came out beautiful and each on is unique in size, shape, color, and design just like the little ones that painted them.

We had a great Friday on Good Friday even though some of our classmates were not there. We took our morning serious and took 3 tests...yes I know it sounds awful but we always have a spelling and reading comprehension test on Friday and it just so happened our math test fell on that day too. Don't worry they all did fabulous on their tests! I had time to grade them because we watch Peter Cottontail. We also had a super fun egg hunt set up by my wonderful parents on the playground.

Easter weekend really couldn't have been any nicer. The weather was perfect and we spent time with friends that are like family to us hanging out by the pool and lake watching the Master's and grilling out. Our Easter service was inspirational and I even got a book about renewing my faith. I hope your Easter was just as blessed as mine.

*Also can anyone tell me why blogger wants me to upgrade to a new look and what it's all about? Thanks in advance!*


  1. I have the new blogger look! It's easy once you get used to it. It's just a new look on your dashboard. Instead of everything being there in the middle, things are moved over to a list on the left and colors are different.

    It didn't take me long to get used it! It doesn't change the look of your blog or anything!

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  2. Okay thanks for letting me know! I will try it out now I was just a little wary of the change!

  3. I love your eggs!! They turned out really cute! I have training tomorrow. I hope it is good! Happy Wednesday!