Monday, April 16, 2012

FCAT Day #1

This week is FCAT week which is our Florida state test for grades 3-12. If affects everyone though because our schedules change and we can't go out for recess until we get the all clear that everyone is done testing. So we now have specials (art, music, P.E., computers) in the morning from 9:55-10:35 and then lunch is regular at 11:00-11:25 but it makes for a very long afternoon from 11:25-3:00 in my room with my students. Since our schedule is all flip flopped though we had math in the morning, then writing, reading, literacy centers, and science during our long afternoon. It was very nice to have the students so alert during math in the morning though because we're doing the 2 digit subtraction and started borrowing today! I can't wait for Common Core because this will no longer be a standard for first grade! Yeah! More to come on Common Core...I have so many posts I want to write yet such little time. Back to the FCAT we have 4th grade reading buddies so this week to encourage them we have different little treats for each day! I found these adorable encouraging cards on Pinterest from The Polka Dotted Teacher's blog. They are so cute and the 4th graders LOVED their lucky charms this morning. I have a treat planned for each day that I will try to post this week. What are some ways you encourage your students when they are taking high stakes tests?

On another note I just finished an awesome book The Reliable Wife and I would highly recommend reading it! I caught the reading bug and instantly downloaded the book Defending Jacob to my Kindle. Then on the way home from the gym I started thinking about starting a book club this summer where we teachers read a book blog about it and switching the books from fun novels to professional reading for every other book. Let me know if you would be in on this....or if you know of a blog already doing this! Happy Monday! 37 days until summer!


  1. Our state testing is next week. We're swapping too. And it WILL be a long afternoon. I'm thinking we'll do some kind of awesome art project. I wish wish wish Texas would adopt Common Core! But that would make sense and this is Texas! ha!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. I love and would totally participate in a blog book club! I am always looking for good books to read!