Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Shopping

One of my favorite things to do besides teach and blog is SHOPPING! I love getting new things! I  just went to Atlanta last weekend for a girls shopping weekend. I like buying clothes, house stuff, and of course anything teacher related. This is probably why I love to switch my classroom theme around every year. I just get sick of looking at the same old things and get the itch to switch. So I'm linking up with Kristen from Ladybug's Teacher Files  to share all of my awesome teacher/classroom purchases from June. If you want to know about some of my other purchases check out my Major Purchases post

I bought some fun decor in green and white polka dots for my classroom. I really wanted a new alphabet since the one I have now is old and reminds me of Kindergarten. I also just wanted to tie in polka dots a bit more to my room so I got the welcome sign and border. I might end of getting more of the same kind of border but for now I'm sticking with this and some plain lime green bordette. I also want to try a scrunchy border I just saw on Pinterest that just requires paper.

I got some ribbon that matches my color scheme of blue and green. I also got this basket from JoAnn's and will most likely have the kids keep their supplies in it if I can find enough of them. I bought Schoolgirl Styles bird theme to help decorate my room.

I bought a cute little blue bird from Carson Dellosa to add to my bird theme and color scheme. 

I just bought some storage bins today from Really Good Stuff. They are having a 25% sale on their mix and match storage. I am going to sort all my word work games in these by month. I also bought some paper storage bins in these fun neon colors. I think I'll have the blue and green ones be visible for use in the classroom and the pink and orange ones be behind the scenes since they don't match the color scheme. 

Yesterday I also bought these wonderful display frames from Lakeshore. They were having a buy one get one 50% deal so you know I just had to buy something off my wish list. I think these will be a great addition to my classroom and an awesome and neat way to display students work.

Look What I Made! Art Frames
I still have a few items (rug, easel, smart board...oh wait I don't get 3 wishes from a magic genie?!) that I want but don't know if I actually purchase. I'm sure I'll see plenty of little items at Target that I'll get for my classroom. Can't wait to see what everyone is getting for their classrooms this year! 


  1. LOVE the frames!!!!! I have that alphabet:) I love shopping too! I'll be linking up in a day or 2 with some of my finds:))

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. aww... the frames are adorable <3 the pic you have with the ribbon reminded me that I need to purchase some.. thanks:)...lol!!

    Two Fulbright Hugs
    Teacher TimeSavers

  3. I love love love the lime green and polka dots!!!!

  4. You got some cuuuuute stuff!

    Looks like I need to go shopping :)

    Across the Hall in 2nd