Monday, June 11, 2012

To Do Summer List

Does anyone else enjoy making lists? I just love making lists and checking them off. I will also re-write lists on pretty paper, then on sticky notes, and then my computer that will connect to my phone just to make sure I have them on my desk, bag, phone, and computer! So it is only natural that while sitting here on my first night of summer I am creating a summer to do list. Don't worry I celebrated the beginning of summer with sushi and wine. I'm relaxed and can finally think clearly about the new year!

Summer To Do List:

-get rid of my teacher's desk

This is numero 1 because I have a para professional working with me next year and she has a teacher's desk which has already moved into my room and I just can't stand the thought of wasted space by having 2 teacher desks. I have been contemplating this change to get rid of my desk for awhile so this was the perfect time to just get rid of it. Yes, there will still be one but it won't be mine and I won't have it next year.

-create a wreath for my new classroom theme

-create a banner for my new classroom theme

-create a CAFE board and Daily 5 labels for my new classroom theme

-label new books or ones that missed getting labeled during the rush of the school year

-study more the Common Core more in depth

-study Marazano :(  so I can be an innovating teacher next year (if you are a Florida teacher I hope you realize my slight sarcasm in this but if you want me to put on a show I'll put on a great one for you with bells on!)

-send my students letters in the mail

-re-read the book Mentor Texts to get some great ideas for read alouds for Common Core literature/ELA and writing

-paint a stool or chair that I can use as an author's chair or fun chair (good behavior/birthdays)

-find a way that works for me to implement Accelerated Reader in my classroom

-study the Braidy, the StoryBraid doll for interventions next year

So far that is my summer list...I'm sure I'll get most of this accomplished in June and be making a new list but this is it for now!

Happy Summer!


  1. I LOOOVE making lists. I felt so good once my classroom was all packed away because I had completed my list! I also think lists are so much better if they are written in gel pen!
    Rowdy in First Grade

    1. It feels so good being packed up and ready for summer! Oooh I'll have to try gel pens now on my lists.

  2. I love making lists!! I currently have two.. one for household chores I would like to get accomplished this summer and then one with school things I want to get accomplished.

    I saw where one your to do items is to find a way to implement Accelerated Reader in your classroom. I have never done it but would LOVE to! I just don't know where to begin! If you have any ideas or tips about AR I'd love you to send them my way! :)

    1. I will be posting about AR this summer. Last year was my first year implementing it and it was a lot to take in so I'll be reflecting on what worked and didn't work with it this year and how other teachers use it in their rooms.

      Good to hear others like making lists just as much as me!

  3. I am contemplating getting rid of my desk too..... I NEVER sat in it this year, not even at the end of the day. I usually did my planning at my round table anyway. It feels confusing when I try to think about it, haha!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

    1. Yes, that is what I thought too...when am I actually at this desk? I thought about it and this is when I was at my desk: in the morning when I came in to put my stuff down and turn on my computer, then once school started I would stand over my desk to take attendance and send in my lunch count, then I might sit down at specials to read through e-mails, and then again after work just to check e-mails. So most of the time it was for e-mailing which I could still do without a desk. I will move my teacher computer next to the other computers and the presentation area and then have my desk stuff at my round table where I sit for most of the day teaching small groups! I've been thinking about this since January and just made this final decision today! Good luck with your choice! It can be a tough one!

  4. I am interested in the book Mentor Text. Can you tell me who the author is?? My chair I got from a thrift shop down the street from my school for only 3 bucks!!!

    1. I will for sure be thriting this summer then trying to find a chair! The book is actually called Mentor Text Teaching Writing Through Children's Literature K-6 and it is by Lynne R Dorfman and Rose Cappelli. I read the book in grad school and I think it's worth reading again since I'll be able to apply ELA Common Core to a lot of the Mentor Texts.

  5. I love making lists. My parents love to tease me about a packing list I made when I was a kid that had an as-trick and said refer to other list. I'm getting married on Saturday and this past Sunday in church I had to make a list because my brain was so full.
    We're getting the new web based AR at our school next year and are going to be required to use it more. So I'm looking forward to what you have to say about AR.
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

  6. Did your system buy the STAR reading component as well or just AR? I use the STAR tests to help me better know when they are ready to read a higher level book. It worked beautifully this year...they BEGGED to take the STAR to see if they could read a higher color. I saw such great reading progress!

    Strive to Sparkle

    1. Yes, our school has STAR reading and math and AR. I was not impressed with STAR reading scores at all. The students had to take the test every 9 weeks and I felt that it was not a good indicator of their reading level. I would do running reading records with them and other standard assessments that would match up on their reading level and then they would take the STAR and it would be a way lower score. I'm not sure it that is just because it is on the computer and it was harder for them or what but I didn't like to use it as a too much of a measure for their reading. I could see growth in students but even at the end of the year I had students scoring 1.2 that were reading at a J level and passing all other reading requirements. I think with older kids it might work better. Also it sounds like your kids got to choose when they wanted to take them which motivated them as well which is great. I would love to know how you implemented STAR and AR in your classroom!