Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tijuana Flats Love Teachers

Tijuana flats has got to be one my favorite place to chow down on some Mexican food! They are in a few states (North Carolina, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Virginia) but most of their stores are in Florida. Anyways they have this wonderful offer because they love teachers! 

All you have to do is take you school ID and a friend, hubby, child and go get some food! You have to buy one entree but you get the other free! I thought I would share for all you bloggers who love a deal and love to eat! This is not an advertisement for Tijuana Flats I just love their food and thought I'd share the promotion with you.


  1. How perfect!! I leave for Naples on Tuesday and my boyfriend and I always go to Tijuana flats! I love their salad dressing! haha weird, I know! I'll have to remember this!

    Creating & Teaching

    1. OH darn! It's just for the 28th :(

    2. Sorry Erin! I love their salad dressing too and their smack my sweet sauce is so good we have it at home. Have fun in Naples though!

  2. I love places that like to help teachers out!