Wednesday, July 24, 2013

10 Things I've Learned from Teaching

This will be my 6th year of teaching and I've learned a lot! Here are my top 10 things I've learned from teaching:

1.  You will NEVER work your contracted hours. There is no way to get done all the work you need to do in that amount of time. So plan on coming in early or staying late. I usually come in an hour before school and stay thirty minutes after. Now that isn't all the time but most of the time I'm there working on plans, writing e-mails, getting materials ready, making things, collaborating, and doing paper work. There is also all those "fun" school activities like school carnival, fundraisers, meet the teacher, open house, reading night, math night, science night, plays....the list goes on.

2. Collaboration is key! Everyone has good ideas and it's so great when people share their resources. Get with your team or form a group of teachers that you can rely on when you need something at school. It is also being an amazing blessing to have other bloggers to collaborate with as well!

3. Every year I've had a different theme for my classroom: safari, primary colors, nautical theme, pirate theme, and bird theme/just blue and green colors. Don't do this to yourself...pick one theme or color you can live with and go with it for awhile. I'm not changing my decor this year at all. I may add some things but over all it is not changing. This is also the first year I've stayed in the same classroom so it helps when you don't have to take everything down and move across the hall! You will change rooms...hopefully not as much as me but it does happen.

4. Always have an activity at hand. If you get done with something early move on to something else or fill in time with a fun game or brain break. Kids need to constantly be doing something! Along those same lines...if you are getting bored with an activity they probably are too move on or try something new!

5. You can never have enough books in your class library!

6. Children do not fall very far from the tree...once you meet their parent you'll understand. Instead of trying to change them become a team with them so you can get them on board with your class.

7. Someone will cry every day. It might be because Katie hurt Jamie's feelings or John pushed Jack on the ground. It might even be you who is crying at the end of the day. It's okay...tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start. Kids also have a re bound of about five minutes so usually all is good by the end of the day!

8. Organization is key to being prepared and being successful with a class full of kids. If you aren't good a organizing...go find a blogger that is and copy it girl cause you got to get it together!

9. Never stop learning! You make think you got it all down but their is probably a newer, better way of doing whatever is it your trying to accomplish. Read professional books, get into a book study, blog, go to workshops! The more you know the better your teaching will be!

10. Teaching is a profession like no other! We're not in for the income we're in it for the outcome! I love my students so much and could not imagine myself doing anything else but teaching!

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  1. I enjoyed and agreed with so many of your comments. I especially like the last one about teaching not being about the income but the outcome. Love!

  2. Awww! Such a great list! I completely agree with #5, too! My classroom library is taking over the rest of my classroom but I'm totally okay with it! I just can't resist a good book sale! Love all 10! :)

    Frugal In First