Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kagan Cooperative Learning

Hey bloggers! 

I will be at the Kagan Cooperative Learning training at Walt Disney World next week. I'll be going Monday-Friday and I was wondering if any other bloggers were attending this training? 

If so I'd love to meet up with you! Just send me an e-mail! 

I'll try to debrief  you on everything I learn during this training next week. Hopefully, it will be a highly effective way to keep kids engaged, interesting, and learning cooperatively! Kagan Summer Academy 2013
Click to learn more about Kagan!

If you've ever been to a training or use this model I would love to hear more about it before I attend! 


  1. I hope you enjoy it! How awesome that it's at Disney!!!

    PS- Kagan is awesome. I rarely plan lessons without one of the Kagan structures. I bet you'll love it!

    Colleen Patton

    1. Thanks for the information! I love hearing that is something I'll actually use!

    2. Hi Jess! This last year our whole staff did a multiple day Kagan training. It was awesome! The structures are so engaging for kiddos and let's be honest it is fun. I agree with Colleen, there is rarely a day that I do not incorporate at least one of Kagan structures. They are just so easy to tie into lessons.

      P.S. I am so jealous that your training is at Disney. Mine was just in our multipurpose room. HA!