Thursday, July 25, 2013

First Day { back in my room!}

I went back to school today! It was my first time over the summer!
I decided after a yummy sushi lunch with my bestie to venture back over to my school today. I had my trunk full of things from Target and was ready to find my room looking like I had left it back in early June.

Like this: 

Unfortunately, I walked into my room like this:


I know they had to clean the floors and the tile but on it is a lot of work moving furniture all over the place! I basically just moved stuff back where it was before and tried to move my desk into a formation that I liked. I'm not sold on the placement of the desks which is why I haven't put down the chairs. It's overwhelming going back in so I did what I could and chatted with my classroom neighbor and school secretary. 

This is what my room looked like at the end of the day! I'm pretty happy with the progress and will be going back in next week to put things together, organize, and get things ready before pre planning.

I just got this AWESOME new pencil sharpener I got from my warehouse order. Do you get a warehouse order from your district? We get a certain amount of money to spend on school items in our district warehouse. We place the order before school ends and then get it over the summer. I ordered this pencil sharpener, paper, folders, and binder clips. Like those rad new pencils?! Dollar spot at Target of course.

I pushed this cabinet over back to its place today. I also set up my writing area. My bulletin board hasn't changed. Can you see my new blue lamp?! I love it!

This is the back area you couldn't see from the other view. I need to clear off my kidney table and still put things up but it is coming along. 

I also got to keep this bulletin board up which is great! This is another one of my favorite boards that hangs right next to my guided reading table. 

I just bought these tins at in the dollar section at Target. I'm going to use them for my students table supplies: pencils, scissors, glue sticks will go in the tins. Then I'll have crayons in the other part of the basket. 

Well that's all I have for my first day back but I'll keep you updated as I continue to organize my room and get ready for the new school year! 


  1. I laughed out loud at your before and after pictures for how you left the room and how it was after being cleaned. I can relate!! Same thing happened to me! I am actually still missing four chairs that did not make it back to my classroom. Craziness!
    Mrs. Cobb's Kindersprouts

    1. I don't know why the custodians don't just move it back once they've cleaned. They don't like us moving furniture yet they kind of force us to when they move it all over the place! I am thankful we have custodians though and they are very helpful and kind.

  2. I love all your green and blue! And those pencils!

    Tales from a traveling teacher

  3. Oh my word, that after picture! I think had I walked into that, expecting to see something similar to the before, my mouth probably would have hit the floor. Wow. You got a ton done though and it looks so good. Great job!

    1. It was very overwhelming at first! I was thinking where do I even start with this mess?! You just have to take it little by little and clear out the mess though! Thanks for reading!

  4. It looks like you are off to a good start even if you had to move all that furniture first!

    Colleen Patton
    Mrs. Patton’s Patch