Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Fabulous New Theme {Classroom 2014-2015}

It is my third week of summer! I'm enjoying this time off but per usually crazy teacherness I'm already thinking about the upcoming school year. EEK! I know I just finished up and some of you are still in school. I just can't help wanting to plan for next year. I've even done science lesson plans.

I have been thinking of changing up my decor in my room all summer long. The past two years I've had the same theme of green and blue with birds. I love the colors they are calming yet still bright enough for me. I want to stick with the same essential colors and possible add colors in. I was really thinking I wanted to do an ocean theme but I have done it once and it is super popular among teachers in Florida.

With all that in mind I have decided to do a frog theme! It's Schoolgirl Style collection called fabulous frogs so of course it is totally awesome, cute, and all together amazing! I love the navy, yellow, and  turquoise as new colors to my scheme. All the blues and greens make it an easy transition from my last theme.

These are just a few things I've been printing, laminating, and cutting out already. I enjoy getting ready my room and decorating. I'm in the early stages of decorating but I'm excited for my new theme. I got a little frog and tablecloth to go with it all from the Target dollar spot.

Are you changing up your room this year? Theme, color, or just improving?

One of my favorite blogging times is the summer and beginning of the school year when I get to see everyone's classroom pictures. I'll be sharing pictures as I go back into my room and start changing things up.

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