Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Currently in July

I'm listening to New Girl while doing laundry. I think this is such a funny show and just started watching it on Netflix. I mean the theme song has name and she is a teacher...it is clearly an awesome show.

I am absolutely loving my husband! He made me the best gift basket for my birthday yesterday! It included flowers, Alex and Ani bracelets, a bathing suit, water bottle with a sparkly J, Amazon gift card, chocolate, Sour Patch Kids, gold file folders, and a date coupon for our favorite sushi place. My man knows me so well to put together this thoughtful present. He's a keeper. I love him so much! 

I'm thinking about packing for my for my upcoming trip to Washington D.C. for five days. I like to lay out everything before I pack so I don't overpack which I tend to do anyway.

I'm wanting to get my nails done and for my laundry to fold itself. Why can't laundry fold itself? I really want to get some cute 4th of July nails like this picture.

I'm needing for my sea lice stings to some itching. Sea lice for those of you who don't know are jellyfish larvae that you cannot see in the ocean that sting you. Later on you find little stings all over that really itch and kinda burn even with Benadryl. Some people never get it when swimming and others are affected by it for a few days. It happens when the water is warm usually April-August in Florida. Most of the times beaches will post a sign but since we were out of the boat we were unaware. It is uncomfortable but a small price for an awesome weekend. It was  a beautiful weekend on the boat with friends!

My 4th of July plans are in our nation's capital Washington D.C.! I'm going on a trip there with a group of friends. We are going to a baseball game the day of the 4th and watching fireworks later that night. On the trip we are also going on a sunset cruise, seeing the monuments, going to the White House, and enjoying museums. I can't wait! Now all I need to do is get this laundry done and pack!


  1. Ummmm...sea lice seem very painful! Eeeek! Your husband is a doll! What a creative and thoughtful give! I adore New Girl. She is so quirky!

    Lucky to Be in First

    1. Yeah it is not great to have but it should be gone in a few days. New Girl is hilarious! I love her quirkiness too!

  2. Jess,

    I found you through Farley's link up! I am soooo jealous of your DC trip. I've always wanted to go there! And the 4th of July seems like the perfect time to go. I hope you have an awesome time!
    Your hubby did a GREAT job on your birthday gift basket- he's definitely a keeper. :)

    Happy Teaching,
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    1. Yes it will be a great patriotic trip! I'm definitely keeping my hubs he is great!

  3. I'm a New Girl fan too - easy watching and Nick always makes me laugh!
    Growing Little Learners

    1. Nick is my favorite character! I love his grumpiness!

  4. I found you through Farley's link-up! Your husband is amazing…What a guy! I am very impressed with his taste in things. I just got my nails done with a cute patriotic theme I found on pinterest, it just gives the holiday a lil' umph. I hope you have a blast in DC! Have a great week!

  5. Your husband did such a great job on your birthday gift basket! So adorable, and HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! Also, you're going to love watching the NEW GIRL seasons. I also started watching it n NETFLIX and couldn't stop! It's hilarious and addicting! I've already finished all the seasons. I couldn't stop watching! "Whose that girl? It's Jess" Like you said, she's a teacher named Jess, obviously a great show! Enjoy your DC trip! :)