Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Crafting

It seems like it has been ages since I have posted last. This is not because I haven't wanted to but really just lack of time! Between Christmas shopping, putting up decoration, being sick, school, reindeer run, holiday parties, class party, etc... it has been difficult to get in some relaxing time to blog. But now that most of those things are done or at least planned and ready here I am!

Here are some Christmas crafts we have been doing in class that I wanted to share.

One of my room moms (yes I'm lucky to have 2!) made these beautiful stockings for my students. She made a few different designs and then hooked them on the back of each of my students chairs. She also gave me plenty of candy canes to give to the students for good behavior. My students have had fun trying to fill their stockings especially when behavior has started to wane with each day closer to break.

Each of my student decorated an ornament that replicated their favorite at home and wrote describing the ornament. This was a great way to get students to describe an object and some had a hard time thinking of ways they could say their favorite ornament was Santa. In the end though I got some wonderful sentences.

This is my side of the hallway. Each student has a different snowflake with their picture in the middle and below hangs their work. This was a gingerbread glyph that we made mostly using crayons, ribbon, and glitter. Attached our their fabulous gingerbread stories they created on their own. They were so great to read each one unique and special to each student. 

This awesome display was made by a mom and the stockings were a family project. 

This was a Kindergarten display with Christmas lights that say "Ms. P's class lights up the hallway!" and their Grinch's grinning now that they saved Christmas! 

Since we made a lot of crafts and have so many special projects to take home my students made a reindeer bag that holds all their items. The antlers are their hands and the face is their foot. I thought they came out adorable! 

Reindeer writing: If I were one of Santa's reindeer...

A reindeer ornament craft. So easy to make and so much fun for the kids. I also love putting the year on the ornaments because it is a reminder and a keepsake for Christmas' to come.

Tree ornament that did not require much glue. They are so sloppy with liquid glue. Dot dot NOT A LOT! I say it calmly at first but after there is a whole mess of it on the desk you have to raise your voice a little on the not a lot. The kids just painted and then stuck the sequins in the paint and it stuck. Put a dot (yeah right) on the top and stuck a pom pom on. My parent volunteers put on the trunk and ribbon after they were dried. 

Lastly the most adorable reindeer frame I found on Pinterest! I made this frame magnetic so they can hang it on their refrigerator at home. I put cute bows on all the girls frames and stuck their picture in the frame so the parents can enjoy! Also sitting next to the frame is my Christmas present to my students:  Iggy Pig's Snowball Fight! a new Scholastic book that is on first graders reading level. I also tied in a candy cane and holiday pencil. 

Tomorrow we are having our Holiday party and my students are beyond excited! We will be making gingerbread houses, playing holiday bingo, making goodie bags, a craft, and eating pizza and brownies! My kids are so lucky to have such wonderful parents that make this all happen for them! 

Also in other exciting news: my Donor's Choose project got fully funded last Friday!! I'm beyond elated and cannot express my joy and happiness that my project is fufilled. I can't wait to start the new year off with new leveled readers. It is going to help my students so much! Now if I can just decide where in my class I want to put the books....

I'll save that for another night! 2 days until Christmas break and I can think about it all I want then!! Hope everyone is having an awesome and fun last week at school! 

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