Monday, January 5, 2015

1st day back in the New Year!

I survived my first day back! Yeah! It was a really good day.

-The weather was cooler today. (65 degrees don’t hate please I know it’s super cold everywhere else!)
-   I was productive before school and everything was organized and ready to go!
-   My kids were super excited to be back and were well behaved.
-   I only had 14 out of 18 kids today in class.
-We got everything done we were supposed to in class! Whoa!!
-Everyone's writing was amazing today!
-   The morning went by really fast.
-   We changed up our schedule and it worked out really well!
-   I got so much work done after school and left before 5.

Today was just a great day all around. I had healthy meals and now I’m off to the gym!

 2015 is looking really good!

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