Saturday, January 3, 2015

December Happenings

As promised, I’m blogging today about last month’s happenings. December is a crazy, wonderful month full of activity in and out of the classroom.

We had so many gingerbread activities. I snapped some pictures of fabulous door/hallways around our school that looked like gingerbread houses. 

This is a first grade teacher on my hallway. Below is two Kindergarten teachers that worked together to make a festive nook in the hallway.

We read several gingerbread stories over the week. So Of course we had to write all about gingerbread people. I had my students write their own gingerbread stories. They could use girl, boy, man, women, baby, or animal in their story. It had to have a beginning, middle, and end and follow the gingerbread story pattern. Example: The gingerbread gets baked, runs away, runs away from many people, runs into a fox, and then either gets away somehow or gets eaten. My kids did such a great job with this creative writing. 

 I love how they brighten the hallway and all look different. Just like my kiddos. This craft was from First Grade Blue Skies. Check it out here.

We also wrote about how to bake a gingerbread. We thought about the steps together as a class and then they wrote the steps they would take. It was adorable and I loved their illustrations of baking. 

During the month of December we also studied the four seasons and holidays around the world. As awesome as these units were, I didn't take any pictures. :/ Whoops! Need to get better about that.

Moving on to the last week of school. We had a snowman party and a Polar Express Day! Super fun-super exhausting. I know you're with me on this one. Here are some of the crafts we made and my little ones in their PJ's peacefully watching the Polar Express.

Hope you have a beautiful Saturday! I’m off to enjoy this last bit of break! 

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