Friday, January 2, 2015

Flashback Friday: November Recap

Here is a flashback of happenings in November. This is a short version of the month. 

We studied Native Americans and Pilgrims. We had a Native American come to school and show the first graders tools, sign songs, and talk about Native Americans.

We did a few interactive notebooks on Native Americans/Pilgrims and past/present. Here is one I actually took a picture of.

We dressed up in hats that were from last years Thanksgiving play and had a “feast”. It was the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving feast full of jellybeans and toast. Ohh those silly kids in Charlie Brown.

Then it was Thanksgiving break. I get a week off from school every year. I left town for the cold north to see my family and snow. Before I did I saw Hunger Games. The movie theatre had each door decorated for each district. Pretty cool if you are a fan of the books!

I had a fantastic time with my seeing my extended family up north for Thanksgiving. I was ready to get back to the sunshine and finish 2014.

December recap will be posted tomorrow!
Enjoy the last few days of winter break!

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