Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year {Currently January}

Happy New Year!
It’s been a fabulous year and I’m excited about all that 2015 will bring.
I have some catching up from before winter break that I’ll blog about tomorrow. For now though I have a Currently in January.

I'm listening to another college football game. I know I’m not the only one who has a husband that LOVES college football. We’ve been couch potatoes all day long watching football games. I’m kinda done at this point but I know football will be over soon.

I am loving LIFE right now! I feel so blessed to have a loving family. This holiday season was the best. We had four Christmas’s with our family. Although it was stressful traveling around at times we had such an amazing time seeing everyone. I also became an aunt this July and finally got to see my nephew this Christmas. It was truly the best gift ever to hold this little guy. I didn’t know how much I could love until I looked into his eyes. I love the way he smells, smiles, laughs, explores and everything he does! It’s so awesome to see my brother as a parent too. He is a great Dad and my sister in law is a wonderful mother.

I am thinking that this winter break has been amazing. I have enjoyed my break so much. This week I’ve visited with friends, ran errands, took down Christmas décor, and enjoyed time at home with my husband. It’s been a great stress reliever and I feel ready/relaxed for the next part of the school year.

I'm wanting to make 2015 the best year yet! I want to start living a healthier lifestyle. This includes mind, body, and spirit. I want to clear my mind of negative thoughts and speak positively to myself. I want to be thoughtful about what I eat and work out for strength. I want to be thoughtful in my prayer and meditate through yoga. This past year I let a lot of these things that matter to me slide. I know I can make it a habitat because I have before. It only takes 21 days for form a habitat and I’m starting now.

I’m needing to put some Christmas lights that were on our tree in the attic.I took down all the decorations and put them away yesterday except for these lights. We took the lights off the tree outside to create less of a mess with pine needles. I cleaned my floors 4 times.I’m sure I’ll still be finding needles until June. I love having a tree every yearthe smell is wonderful.

Yes, I will live a healthier lifestyle. See aboveI’m making it happen!

Maybe, I’ll keep a food journal. I’ve done this before using different apps on my phone but it can be overwhelming logging all your food. It does make you more aware of what you are eating though.

I wish I could travel all summer long! We are going to Hawaii this summer but I would love to go to Europe and get lost in little towns for a month. This is just not in our budget but if I were wishing for things this would be it. Traveling is an amazing lifetime experience. We will be making it to Italy in the next 3 years though because my brother will be stationed there next.

Enjoy your first day of the New Year!


  1. I love new starts and it looks like you are getting ready for a great year. Best of luck with the food journal thing...I tried that once...didn't do such a great job with it!
    The Apple Basket Teacher

    1. Thanks! I am trying to log my food and workouts every day. I have an app and it reminds me at 7 each night to log everything if I haven't yet.

  2. Have fun in Hawaii! I've never been to Europe, but would love to definitely visit in the future.
    Teaching, Love, Cupcakes

  3. I love your goals and wishes for the new year. I am always amazed at those travel blogs of people who travel for a year all over the world. I would love to go to Italy, but I would be afraid of the language barrier. Hawaii is next on our travel bucket list. I still have my tree up. The time goes so fast, I leave it up for the beginning of January.

    1. Thanks for the well wishes. I am amazed at people who travel all over the world as well. I do love traveling but also enjoy spending time at home. I've been to Europe a few times and the language barrier is not a worry. Most people in Europe speak English. I usually attempt to speak in their home language and then they speak English back to you...they know lol. I can't wait to go to Hawaii. I will blog about my trip this summer!

  4. Hey! I found your blog through the CURRENTLY linky party :) It sounds like your break was amazing! Its pretty awesome we still get Christmas/Winter break. My husband is always envious of my breaks. I tell him that without the breaks there's no way I could stay sane and continue. Breaks are necessary!